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Eat Clean Diet for Family and Kids

Eat Clean Diet for Family and Kids

Teaching the entire family to eat clean and healthy.

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The Eat Clean Diet for Family and Kids is a book that offers simple strategies for lasting health and fitness. This book is written by Tosca Reno, who also authored several books and cookbooks on the Eat Clean Diet.

Tosca is a well-known fitness advocate, author and motivational speaker. Tosca chose to write this book as a way to combat the obesity epidemic Americans are facing and passing on to their children and families.

The Eat Clean Diet for Family and Kids is structured for those that are in the beginning stages of wanting to change their lifestyle. Tosca gives you all the information you need to get yourself and your family down the path of eating clean. The focus is not about changing your appearance necessarily, but more about being able to fend off weight-related diseases with a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the tools included are avoiding toxic foods such as over-processed, refined foods, white flour, white sugar, trans-fat and artificial sugars. There are also suggestions of how to include daily activity into your routine, 60 easy-to-follow recipes with nutrient-rich ingredients, healthy birthday party menus and healthy treat ideas.

The Eat Clean series also includes:

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  • Provides healthy lifestyle tips for the entire family
  • Provides the basic principles of the Eat Clean Diet
  • Includes kid-friendly recipes
  • Serves as a guide for those wanting to feed their families healthier foods
  • Includes examples of what to order at popular fast food chains
  • Includes exercise recommendations
  • Teaches you to pay attention to the types of foods you eat
  • Encourages kids' participation in meal-making process
  • Encourages family meal-time
  • Not necessarily for the advanced person that is already living the eat clean lifestyle

Eating Clean is a lifestyle change rather than just some diet you try to lose weight. Tosca Reno uses her trademark clean-eating plan and tailors it to the entire family. The result is a kid-friendly plan with tons of family recipes that are packed with nutrient-rich foods and completely void of processed, sugary and refined ingredients.

To Eat Clean, you are encouraged to get your family in the routine of eating six small meals each day every two to three hours, having a combination of complex carbs and lean protein with each meal and exercising portion control whether you're eating in or out. Tips such as replacing sugar with agave nectar, sweetened peanut butters with all-natural almond butter, and white bread to whole wheat, rye or pumpernickel bread.

In addition, having structured meal times together as a family and getting children involved in the cooking and grocery shopping process is strongly endorsed.

Some of the food recipes that your family will enjoy are:

  • Crispy Chicken Bites
  • Mac n Cheese
  • PB&Js
  • Sloppy Joes
  • Applesauce Protein Bars
  • Almond Crunch with Raisins
  • Loaded Turkey Burritos
  • Eat-Clean Egg Salad

Tosca Reno does give some tips on how to incorporate more activity into your everyday routine. Getting some form of activity in each day not only helps your health, but sets a good example for your kids and teaches them that same pattern. It is recommended that you combine cardio training with strength training. This will not only contribute to your overall health, but also reduce the appearance of loose skin if you have a lot weight to lose.

Strength training workouts can also be done at home if you have the proper equipment. The Eat Clean Diet for Family and Kids encourages finding ways to do cardio that include the entire family. Some of the recommended activities are:

  • Walking in the park
  • Playing tag outside with the family
  • Going for family walks after dinner
  • Raking leaves and doing yard work
  • Family bike rides

Raising a healthy family in a culture that is overflowing with high fat, high calorie and processed foods is quite a challenge. But the Eat Clean Diet for Family and Kids make things much easier for everyone. Filled with practical tips, suggestions, kid-friendly recipes, and fitness ideas, this book is your guide to healthy living for your entire family.

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Awesome book...great recipes

posted May 24th, 2010 5:40 pm


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