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Eat Smart Move More Weigh Less

Eat Smart Move More Weigh Less

A 15-week weight loss program founded on well-researched techniques to help you live a healthier life.

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Eat Smart, Move More, Weight Less is a weight-management program that was the developed by North Carolina State University, NC Cooperative Extension, East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine and the NC Division of Public Health. As is no surprise from the name, it's part of the Eat Smart, Move More, Weight Less North Carolina initiative.

The program consists of 15 weekly classes that are offered online. The entire program is evidence based, and aims to teach users better strategies and behaviors to help them lose weight and keep it off. After the introduction course, each class offers takes up a topic that's been proven to help people to lose weight. When you sign up, you will receive a Eat Smart, Move More, Weight Less magazine and a journal. The program is designed to make participants more mindful of their eating and physical activity.

Each online class is taught live by an instructor, and participants will have the opportunity to interact with each other. Participants are encouraged to find a buddy to help them stay accountable, and ideally you will find a buddy in your class. Instructors will encourage their classes to keep a food journal and record of physical activity. Each class also featured a "Family Spotlight" that illustrates ways to put the day's lessons into action in your home. There are a handful of classroom-based Eat Smart, Move More, Weight Less programs in parts of North Carolina.

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  • Offers strategies that can be used to maintain a healthy weight for life
  • Community of participants
  • Interactive classes
  • Diet is not restrictive and can accommodate a range of health needs
  • Academically based
  • Created by non-for-profit organizations
  • Although instructors will walk you through the simple software that is used to host class, this program is not ideal for people who are uncomfortable online classes

Eat Smart, Move More, Weight Less does not have a prescriptive diet and prohibits any particular foods or food groups. Instead, the classes will teach participants how to eat the correct portions, consume fewer calories and prepare more meals at home. Eat Smart, Move More, Weight Less also encourages users to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Each week, participants will log their food in the provided journal.


During the 15 weeks of classes, participants will learn more about the benefits of exercise, including how it helps with stress management and disease prevention. Each week, participants will be asked to report how many minutes of aerobic exercise and strength training they have done each week, to help users stay accountable.

You can participate in whatever kind of physical activity you enjoy, from walking to ballroom dancing, biking to gardening. Instructors will also share strategies that you can use to get more physical activity into your day, and participants can share tips with each other about how they get motivated to work out.


If you want to lose weight, you probably already know that you'll need to eat less and exercise more. Eat Smart Move More Weigh Less will provide you with strategies and techniques to help you reach a healthy weight and maintain it. In this sense, the program lasts for life, because you will adopt new behaviors. This program is well-grounded in research and only features techniques that have been shown to work. The diet and exercise plans are in no way prescriptive, and will help you lose weight at a healthy pace. The weekly format and journaling will help keep you accountable. This program will also provide you lots of resources, advice and support, not only from instructors but also from a community of other participants. This program is great for anyone who's looking to lose weight for the first time, a life-long yo-yo dieter, and even someone who have lost the weight but are struggling to maintain.

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I'd like to start now Eat Smart Move More Weigh Less. Do I have to wait until January 9th? I'm referring to the ESSM Weigh Less Class. I just registered for January, but if I can start sooner, I'd be thrilled.

posted Nov 7th, 2011 8:32 pm

Geissler Baker


I am participating in the on-line class and I LOVE IT! It is helping me stay on track as I work at losing weight. The instructor is great and so are the materials.

posted Sep 22nd, 2011 3:45 pm


I really enjoyed the focus on mindfulness because I strongly believe in the mind/body weight loss connection. The journaling also worked well for me.

posted Aug 24th, 2011 12:27 pm



The program works because it teaches how to make smarter food choices and work more exercise in the daily routine. The focus is on replacing bad habits with good ones, eat and live mindfully and lose weight in the process. I took the class in spring and lost 9 lbs without feeling deprived. I‚??m taking the class again to unlearn more bad habits and adapt healthy ones (and cut off some more body fat). I recommend the class to anybody who is looking for lasting weight loss results.

posted Aug 21st, 2011 11:41 am

Diane E


This was a great online class. I took it in the spring, lost 30 lbs and am almost at my goal. I am taking the class again to inspire me remove the last 5 lbs, and to make weight maintenance a part of my life forever. I would never have lost the weight if I had not learned to eat smarter. Not a diet, no deprivation, just tools to make better choices most of the time, and keep portion size under control. It really works, and it's painless.

posted Aug 18th, 2011 2:09 pm


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