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Eat This Not That

Eat This Not That

Learn how to navigate the restaurant menu to find healthier options.

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"Eat This, Not That" is a book published by the editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine, Dave Zinczenko. The latest edition, "Eat This, Not That 2012," was released in September of that year. The book is marketed as a working tool for those who, for whatever reason, dine out more than they dine in. Whether you choose restaurants and grab-n-go foods for necessity or for choice, you'll find this slim book is packed full of great tips and fantastic photos for making healthier choices when dining out.

The authors did a wonderful job of going "inside" the very secretive world of restaurants. As a result, the book is part expose, part guiding light, and will help you navigate the myriad of food options available, which will in turn, help you lose weight with little to no change in your current lifestyle.

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  • Not a diet, but a dining out tool that reveals hidden fats in prepared foods, and educates the consumer in an easy to understand format
  • The book is slim and compact, making it easy to keep in the glove box, the briefcase, or the pocketbook
  • As an editor and researcher, the author is not a nutritionist, but rather, a real person who happens to be privy to the latest research regarding dining out, making his advice timely and honest
  • Regular updates are published to keep all the information as current as possible
  • Will tell you things you might not want to know
  • Food choices are decidedly mainstream American, leaving out more exotic, ethnic foods.
  • The book is not a diet, and the dieter will still need to be motivated to follow the guidelines in order to lose weight

"Eat This, Not That" has covered nearly all the categories of American food options, with information regarding many popular eateries. As well, the author has a helpful link to Men's Health magazine, where one can review the basic principles of the book and participate in forums and updates.


No guidance provided in the book.


Eat This, Not That aims to make the reader an expert in making positive food choices when dining out. By taking a simple approach to making changes on a meal by meal basis, the dieter is able to make small, incremental changes which should ultimately result in weight loss.


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This has some seriously handy info that I wish I knew before! The material is very well organized and to the point, and applying the advice to my own diet has made a significant improvement to my health overall. My boyfriend and friends use it all the time now too

posted Feb 20th, 2011 10:56 pm



I really liked this book because it was just about simple exchanges I could make BUT not a diet! It opened my eyes to some changes I had made on my own that weren't good ones even though I thought they were. The book is an easy reference when I'm making up my shopping list.

posted Mar 13th, 2010 12:07 pm



This book was very well written and very well organized. The first main attraction of this book is its purpose, which is unique from most diet or nutritional books. Instead of advocating crazy, magical ways to boost metabolism, this book offers a new way of dieting without changing the kind of food you eat, just changing the brand that you buy. David Zinczenko is very qualified in this area because he is the Editor-In-Chief of Mens Health Magazine. This book is filled with fun pictures, easy to read charts, and graphs that help the reader to understand the information being given. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to lose a few pounds easily!

posted Mar 12th, 2009 10:43 am



I love the eat this not that column in mens health magazine. It is great to see the breakdown between similar products and what is teh most healthy.

posted Oct 5th, 2008 8:36 am


This book is brilliant- esp for someone who eats out as much as I do. Takes a little bit of effort, but if you really look, those menus are hiding some half way decent stuff.


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