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Eating Free

Eating Free

Free yourself from weight struggles and be free to eat for your health.

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Created by registered dietitian and official spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association Manuel Villacorta, Eating Free is a plan that starts with a basic truth: our bodies need fuel to survive and function optimally.

Besides that, eating is one of life's great pleasures. With these two ideas in mind, Manuel created Eating Free to educate everyone about how to eat wisely for weight loss while enjoying every bite.

It's a program that encourages eating more, not less. It's an approach that frees you from guilt, emotional eating, boring meals and hunger pangs. And, it's a program that will teach you the truth about exercise.

While it's great for health, it's not the key to weight loss. With Eating Free, you'll learn that if you only have a few extra hours in the week, you'll be better off shopping and preparing the right foods and taking some time to de-stress than killing yourself to bust out an hour on the treadmill.

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  • Focuses on healthy eating
  • Promotes long-term health behaviors
  • Online format is easy to access
  • Does not promote any fad diets or gimmicks
  • Provides members with a number of tools and knowledge for healthy weight loss
  • Must pay a monthly membership fee

The Eating Free nutrition plan focuses on providing you with a number of tools and resources to help you lose weight and keep it off.

You begin by completing an online questionnaire detailing your health status and health goals. From there, you receive your FreeQ, a customized nutrition plan designed just for you that determines your freebies. You’ll get a certain number of freebies in every food group, so if you have 5 freebies of grains, you choose how to “spend” them. Choose pasta, rice, oatmeal—whatever you like. It’s this freedom to choose that makes it possible to stick to the program, and enjoy life while doing it.

With the plan, you are encouraged to eat from a rainbow of colors including tons of fresh veggies and fruit. In addition, you are instructed to eat every three hours so that extreme hunger won't derail your healthy intentions.

You are also shown how to wisely and healthfully add your favorite indulgent foods in your diet without sacrificing your weight loss goals or triggering a binge.

As a member, you also receive access to a number of different online tools such as an encyclopedia of nutrition information, recipes, sample meal plans and much more.


The Eating Free exercise plan is a bit different than other diet plans. They believe that nutrition is 80% of losing weight, while exercise is only 20%.

What this means is, you can take a breath, and take a break from that strenuous gym routine. Instead of killing yourself to go six times a week, why not go three a week and use those time slots to go food shopping and prepare healthy dishes that last a few days?

The Eating Free experts have seen better results and steadier weight loss from people who use their free time to plan their food for the week and prepare it at home. If you love going to the gym and it gives you energy and positive outlook, by all means, keep it up.

But if it takes a toll and adds stress to your day, you may actually be hindering you weight loss more than helping.


Eating Free is an online weight management program that allows members to eat all their favorite foods guilt-free, but in moderation, spend fewer hours exercising, base their weight management on what they eat weekly, not daily, include self-care, stress management, and the joy of preparing and eating food in their weight-management program.

But just be aware that the "free" in the program does not refer to cost but rather freeing yourself from the bonds of weight battles. The Eating Free plan does charge a modest monthly membership fee.

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Very Good Plan. A diet that has finally held my attention long enough to see results. I get bored very fast with most diets, but this one is differrent because it is a very interactive diet. I love it and recommend it to any one.

posted Aug 10th, 2010 11:47 pm


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