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Flavor First

Flavor First

75 naturally healthy recipes from Biggest Loser's Cheryl Forberg, RD.

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You may not see Cheryl Forberg, RD each season on Biggest Loser, but you do see the results of her work and knowledge. Cheryl Forberg is a registered dietitian and the official nutritionist for NBC's hit Biggest Loser. She works closely with the contestants to help them understand nutrition in a realistic way that they can use on the ranch and at home. As well, she's written several books, including some under Biggest Loser's library of health and wellness titles.

Flavor First is a naturally healthy cookbook featuring 75 recipes crafted by this James Beard award-winning chef. Cheryl's experience has taught her that people fear healthy food because they don't want to lose flavor, but in Flavor First she'll prove that cutting calories won't cut taste.

Who wants to eat bland steamed vegetables and rubbery baked chicken breast? No one, including this health-conscious chef. Instead she takes the abundant healthy foods that we tend to destroy with unhealthy ingredients and cooking preparation and makes dishes that make you question why you ever ate any other way.

It's not just a cookbook though, in Flavor First Forberg offers a lot of education and guidance to help you make the most out of kitchen essentials so that you can prepare healthful, flavorful meals (almost) effortlessly. In the book you'll find:

  • How to create "flavor layers"
  • How to use spices and herbs
  • A variety of cooking techniques
  • Prepare your own homemade sauces, rubs and marinades

You won't need a fad diet plan, pre-packaged meals, or a monotonous routine of same-ole, same-ole with Flavor First. This book will perfectly complement your healthy lifestyle, and turn your meals into the ones friends and family rave about!

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  • Author is an award-winning chef and nutrition expert
  • Recipes use all-natural ingredients
  • Ideal for novice and experienced chefs
  • Recipes represent an array of international cuisine
  • Uses antioxidant-rich ingredients and includes ORAC values
  • Recipes include nutrition facts
  • Beautiful photography
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Will help you broaden your culinary horizons
  • Does not provide specific weight loss guidance, if that is what you're seeking

Cheryl Forberg has an important job on Biggest Loser. She's the one who reviews food journals with the show's contestants and helps them understand where their calories are coming from and how to make each one count. Some of her contestants are shocked to learn that a large majority of their calorie intake comes from beverages, sauces and condiments. In Flavor First, Forberg explains the impact those empty calories have on our bodies and weight and how to replace them with the same, if not more, amount of flavor and no where near the same amount of calories.

You'll learn which spices to use, on which foods, when and why to get the most complementary flavors. She also teaches a broad variety of cooking techniques so that you can create even more flavor out of these lean protein and vegetable dishes, like grilling, braising and poaching. Forberg discusses different types of salts, vinegars, and even oils and how to best to use them in your cooking.

A preview of the tempting meals that await you in Flavor First are listed here. You can see that Flavor First can get you from breakfast all the way thought an after-dinner treat.


  • Whole Grain Apple Cinnamon Bread
  • Italian Sausage Links
  • Spinach and Ham Quichettes

Snacks and Appetizers:

  • Baba Ganouj
  • Baked Tacos
  • Chunky Onion Dip


  • Tom Ka Gai (Coconut Chicken Soup)
  • Salad Nicoise with Creamy Mustard Dressing
  • Creamy Four-Cheese Pasta


  • Beer Braised Pork Tacos
  • Smoky Ratatouille with Spicy Sausage
  • Lemony Orzo with Roasted Tomatoes
  • Caribbean Beans and Rice

Desserts and Drinks:

  • Old Fashioned Gingersnap Custard
  • Chocolate Nut Truffles
  • Sparkling Agua Fresca

The explanation of what "flavor" and "taste" are and the five flavors our tongues taste might seem elementary at first, but it's the fact that we've forgotten these basics that have us eating ourselves to death diving in to foods that do absolutely nothing for our bodies. Flavor First will refresh your perspective on food, eating and healthy living.


As a cookbook, Flavor First focuses directly on food and recipes and does not provide any fitness guidance.


If you enjoy bold, aromatic food that is also incredibly good for you, then Flavor First belongs on your kitchen counter. This all-natural cookbook from Cheryl Forberg, RD reminds us that eating good food is not off limits when we're trying to lose or maintain weight, or even live a generally healthy lifestyle. Instead, the more attention we pay to the health value of our food, the better the food becomes!

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This was the perfect cookbook for me! Loved the simple approaches to extremely delicious flavors!

posted Jul 13th, 2011 6:09 pm


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