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Food Combining Made Easy

Food Combining Made Easy

Learn the proper food combinations for the body.

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Food Combining Made Easy is a book written by Herbert M. Shelton that was originally published in 1940. Herbert Shelton was lauded as a nutritional pioneer and founder of the natural hygiene movement. This book is one of Shelton’s most influential works and explains how many of the foods we eat are detrimental to our health. This book also discusses how different ingredients are combined in foods like sandwiches and stews can prevent proper digestion and result in disease. ThroughFood Combining Made Easy, you will learn how to properly combine foods for better overall health and digestive health. There are meal plans included to help you put the information into practice. The style of eating in Food Combining Made Easy is a plant-based diet which has been acknowledged by some in the scientific community as the ideal choice for health and longevity. As plant-based diets grow in popularity, Food Combining Made Easy offers recommendations to help you embrace that type of diet.

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  • Based on scientific research
  • Gives a helpful list of foods and how to get proper nutrients
  • Tells you about right and wrong combinations
  • Promotes a healthy way of eating
  • Focuses on a plant-based diet as the only ideal health solution
  • No exercise guidance
  • No information given on how much of each food to eat

Within Food Combining Made Easy you will learn the proper ways to combine food in a healthy way that will work with your body’s overall health. You will learn how to get the nutrients you need from a plant-based diet. Of course as you move toward a more plant-based diet, you will also be eliminating processed food items. Some of the rules for food combining are listed below:

  • Eat protein foods and carbohydrate foods at separate meals
  • Eat but one concentrated protein food at a meal
  • Eat acids and starches at separate meals
  • Eat fats and proteins at separate meals
  • Eat sugars and proteins at separate meals
  • Eat starches and sugars at separate meals
  • Eat melons alone
  • Take milk alone or let it alone
  • Desert the desserts

There are meal plans below for each type of meal you might eat throughout the day. There are several options to choose from although no amounts are given. The menus given in the book are written to give you perfect food combinations for your body and health. Below is a day of eating on Food Combining Made Easy for the spring and summer.

  • Breakfast: Watermelon
  • Lunch: Vegetable salad; chard; yellow squash; potatoes
  • Dinner: Vegetable salad; string beans; okra; nuts

There is no exercise guidance given in Food Combining Made Easy.


Food Combining Made Easy shows you how to properly combine foods so that you can achieve optimal health. This book isn’t about losing weight, but if you have some pounds to lose, the recommended plant-based diet should help you get there. The book has a lot of technical speak, but it also contains some information that is easy to understand and may be helpful for those wanting to change their health for the better.

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