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Franco Carlotto's Carb Cycle

Franco Carlotto's Carb Cycle

A book explaining how eating the right carbs at the right time will help your metabolism and fat burning

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Franco Carlotto is a six-time Mr. World Fitness winner. His personal background in bodybuilding and fitness spans back to his teen years as he entered his first fitness competition at age 15. Carlotto uses his experience as a perfect guide to explain how certain diets don’t work and how his plan, the Carb Cycle Method, is a scientifically-based and healthy way to lose weight, burn fat, and boost metabolism. Carlotto stresses that his plan is not a temporary diet, yet a way to eat for a lifetime, that can easily be maintained, unlike ultra restrictive diets. Carlotto explains in his book the differences between good and bad carbs; emphasizing whole grains, brown rice, vegetables, and oatmeal. He also dispels the myths that restrictive diets are effective, as they can’t be maintained life-long and many aren’t ideal for proper nutrition. Carlotto also lays out a weekly schedule that he calls the carb cycle. The schedule is a plan for the days one should restrict their carbs and when they should eat them normally. This concept of eating carbs in a restrictive manner on certain days and eating them normally on others is supposed to allow the body to naturally store carbs and then burn them off. The cycle keeps the stores at the right level, never overfilling them, which leads to carbs converting into fat.

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  • Carlotto explains the science of carb and fat storage in a very easy to understand manner
  • Carlotto thoroughly explains why low-fat, carb-free, or strict restrictive diets are negative
  • Carlotto uses this cycle himself as a champion bodybuilder
  • The Carb Cycle is easy to understand and follow
  • There are no additional purchases needed to follow his plan
  • Carlotto emphasises healthy eating, calling for the removal of highly processed, non-nutritious food
  • In order to see results from Carlotto’s plan, exercise is optional
  • Carlotto provides a sample meal plan to get a user started
  • Carlotto even encourages a “cheat-day” where users can splurge once a week on their favorite foods
  • An online day-by-day three month plan is available at the book’s website
  • For the experienced athlete, Carlotto provides a Carb Cycle stage to help prepare for
  • To see ultimate results, Carlotto calls for total commitment to the Carb Cycle, those in the beginning stages of healthy eating may struggle
  • Exercise is recommended to complement the diet plan, exercise may be hard for some abilities
  • Some may struggle to recall the differences between higher carb fruits on restricted days
  • Determining the estimated serving size versus counting calories may be hard for some to get accurate results

The entire book is focused on learning about good carbs and how to eat them properly. Carlotto lays out what carbs are good and what days the user should cut their intake of the carbs by 50%. Carlotto only encourages healthy carbs and emphasizes whole foods. The diet calls for healthy protein every day, regardless of the carb restriction, and it also encourages the proper moderate amount of healthy fats for total health. A user will restrict carbs by 50% four days out of the week, but not reducing their overall intake of food. Carlotto teaches how to eat serving sizes and discourages counting calories as he believes in teaching users to eat for life, not just a weight loss diet. The plan has three main stages, each lasting 30 days so the user can get comfortable and familiar with the cycle and see results. Finally Carlotto gives his simple tips for maintaining the plan and results.


The Carb Cycle plan does not require exercise, but it is encouraged. The daily routine of eating also lays out an exercise plan. The plans all build with each stage, starting at very moderate pace. The first stage calls for walking, while the third stage encourages more intense activity like jogging or cardio machines. Each stage includes cardio, strength, and stretching. They all start out very moderate and require no gym membership to complete. Carlotto does include an regime for those who are advance athletes, yet he does not recommend this stage to anyone who hasn't been on the plan for several stages.


Franco Carlotto has written a very easy to read and informative book. In the fitness world there are lots of advice givers, yet Carlotto seems to give sound and trustworthy advice. He easily clears up many confusing elements of fitness and diet that so many have complicated over the years. The Carb Cycle seems to be a no gimmicks, healthy approach to eating well for life.

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