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It's Not Your Fault

It's Not Your Fault

Learn why you gain weight due to hidden ingredients.

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It’s Not Your Fault: Weight Gain, Obesity and Food Addiction is a book written by Emanuel Barling, Jr. and Ashley F. Brooks. This book gives in-depth information for the causes of weight gain and obesity. Many people feel that they are addicted to various foods, but through this book, you may see that it’s the chemical food ingredients that are causing food addiction and obesity. There is a 90 day challenge within the book that can help you break the cycle of yo-yo dieting there are also 12 different dieting rules that can get you on your way to losing weight.

With the information in It’s Not Your Fault, you can stop the food problems that you had been previously unaware of. You can also learn how chemical food addictions develop in children through pregnant mothers. Using the info in this book, one of the authors lost over 80 pounds and the other lost 20 pounds. The program is simple and the information can teach you exactly what you need to know about the foods you’re eating.

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  • Program used by authors to get weight loss results
  • Gives inside information about chemical food addiction
  • Program includes a 90 day challenge that will get you results
  • 12 easy steps to follow
  • Explains that food addiction is a result of chemical food ingredients
  • Outlines several common ingredients and their effects on obesity
  • Include charts showing common hidden ingredients
  • Contains a lot of information that may be somewhat intimidating

It’s Not Your Fault focuses on some of the hidden ingredients in various foods that are contributing to obesity. The book explains how each of these ingredients affects the body and what foods they can be found in. There is a 90 day challenge for losing weight and cutting these foods from your diet. Some of the culprits include high fructose corn syrup, MSG, sugar, salt, trans fatty acids genetically modified fruits and vegetables and factory farmed animals. Below are the 12 steps that make up the It’s Not Your Fault dieting rules:

  • Do not eat packaged foods unless they have a certified organic label.
  • Eat only organic fruits and vegetables and avoid too much soy.
  • Do not eat meat or eggs from factory farmed livestock, given growth hormones and force-fed with GMO corn containing antibiotics.
  • Buy only organic sugar, salt, flour, spices and condiments.
  • Buy only organic vitamins, enzymes and other supplements.
  • Do not consume any synthetic sugar substitutes, natural and artificial flavorings including high fructose corn syrup. Use organic stevia as a sweetener.
  • Do not consume fast foods, including desserts sold in restaurants, at market food counters, convenience stores, airplane food or office building snack shops.
  • If a food makes you overeat and you can’t stop eating, or you drool for more afterward and obsessively crave it again, replace that food with an organic recipe.
  • Before you go out to eat anywhere, including events, holidays, dinner at a friend’s house or restaurants, call your host or hostess and inquire whether the food is organic. If there are no organic foods available, eat beforehand.
  • Carry your own organic meals and safe snacks to the office, events, family holidays and business meetings. Avoid fast food restaurants, especially those where you have a long history of cravings and addictions.
  • If a packaged food or fast food has more ingredients than it takes to make that food at home, then don’t buy it or eat it.
  • The support of others is important. Seek the help of friends and family in avoiding fast food and GMO snack foods. If they must eat them, request that it be done out of your sight so that you won’t be tempted.

Using these 12 step dieting rules will drastically reduce your exposure to chemical additives. Making attempts to change your diet to one that is at least 80 percent organic will allow you to improve your overall health and help you reduce your weight.


There is no exercise guidance offered with It’s Not Your Fault.


It’s Not Your Fault exposes some of the hidden dangers and chemicals in many of the foods we eat. By eliminating some of the addictive foods that cause a cycle of cravings and overeating, you can make some big changes in your health. You often hear about people craving fast food and processed food items. This book explains what causes those cravings and tells you exactly how to eliminate them. Chemical additives can be a major cause for weight problems but with the proper information, you can make the needed changes to eliminate them from your diet.

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