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Jackie Warner's This is Why You're Fat

Jackie Warner's This is Why You're Fat

Being fat isn't your fault; Staying fat is.

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Jackie Warner's This is Why You're Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever) is a book by America's favorite no-nonsense celebrity fitness trainer whose mantra is "Being fat isn't your fault; staying fat is."

Now for the first time, Jackie shares her revolutionary program, showing readers the best ways to drop pounds and inches fast, without grueling workouts or deprivation, and keep them off for good!

Her two-tiered approach provides a complete nutritional makeover and a failure-proof condensed workout routine in addition to all the emotional support and encouragement you need to get to the finish line and beyond.

With Jackie's core principles, you'll discover once and for all which behaviors are making you fat, and which can finally make you thin forever - and some may surprise you.

Some of these core principles include behaviors like:

  • Cheating is allowed
  • Less exercise is more, as long as you're doing the right kind of exercise
  • Sugar, not fat, is the enemy

Be prepared to work hard and realistic about your finally achieving your weight loss goals.

Warner is also the creator of Work Out with Jackie Warner.

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  • Created by a well-recognized fitness trainer
  • Plan is time-friendly, efficient, realistic and healthy
  • Core principles can be carried over to maintain weight loss
  • Encourages indulging in your favorite foods
  • Dispels myth that fat makes you fat
  • Targeted more towards females than males
  • Cheat meals may lead to overdoing it and weight gain

The first two weeks of the food plan are considered a "non-diet." Warner believes that when you add fat-burning and detoxifying foods (water with lemon, for example) into your daily calories, you rapidly change your body chemistry to satisfy physical and emotional hungers.

Here are key diet and nutrition principles from the book:

  1. If you cheat on a day that you are supposed to be eating clean, don't get disheartened and throw away the rest of the day or week with bad eating. Get right back into the program.
  2. Don't use workouts as an excuse to be gluttonous and eat junk. Always want to be at a calorie deficit to lose weight.
  3. Master portion control. Learn what a serving size is and how many portions you can eat and still lose weight.
  4. Never skip a meal! Always eat five meals a day and two snacks.
  5. You have to eat within an hour of working out to make sure you’re not eating into the muscle for energy. Make sure that you combine proteins and carbs like a blended protein shake with fruit and peanut butter or a piece of fruit with a low-fat string cheese.
  6. Instead of focusing on being fat, you’ve got to focus on being fit. If you think healthy, it eventually becomes reality to you.

Exercise is an integral part of the Jackie Warner's This is Why You're Fat two-week program.

Here are the main principles to follow:

  1. It’s not how long your workout, it’s how strong. Incorporate 20 minutes of high intensity cardio each day. Walk fast on a treadmill for 2 minutes at a 15 incline then sprint for 2 minutes on flat ramp. Cool down for 1 minute and repeat this cycle 3 more times until you reach your 20 minute goal.
  2. Women must make sure to include weight training at least three to four days a week. If you add three to five pounds of muscle to your body, you will burn 250-500 extra calories per day which equals three to five pounds of fat loss per week.
  3. Visualize the muscles you are working on–this is called the mind muscle connection and it will actually increase tone.
  4. Your body hits a plateau with cardio and resistance training in one month so change your weight, reps and exercises accordingly.
  5. The fastest way to get the body you want is through Jackie's power circuit training. Combine three upper body exercises and three lower body exercises together to make one big set. Do not rest in between and alternate quickly from upper to lower for maximum fat burn.
  6. The only muscle groups that really burn fat are the primary muscles like the chest, back, quads, glutes and hamstrings. Focus hard on those.
  7. A little thing like changing your music playlist every week can go a long way. The more your mind is stimulated during your workouts, the better your results will be.

Warner outlines a complete guide to the exercises that go along with her core principles. Illustrations and instructions are provided ensuring your safety and proper form.


Jackie Warner's This is Why You're Fat is an organized diet and exercise plan that combines Warner's motivational and inspiring personality with her health and fitness expertise to help you lose weight.

Her book is not just a cookie-cutter diet plan as it instead encourages the reader to look beyond just the food and helps overweight people understand just how powerful they can be at reclaiming their life and their health.

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I love her book! I am 24 and in need to loose about 20 pounds. I am on day 4 and having crazy headaches and really wanting a cupcake right now. However, even in 4 days I can see a difference with my energy level and alertness. At 2 pm at work I no longer am tired and dragging. I also feel like my stomach is flatter than usual and i do not feel fat. This book is not a Diet, It is a change in LIFESTYLE. :-)

posted Feb 22nd, 2012 12:00 am


This book is not about dieting; it's about making healthy lifestyle choices. It's about eating right for life and learning that what YOU THINK is healthy, isn't always the best. And it's about changing your eating patterns. Case in point: yogurt, cereal, milk, granola bars--all things that I normally thought would be good parts of my diet--are actually full of sugar. Jackie's mantra is "sugar is the devil." After almost one week without sugar (with significant withdrawal symptoms finally ceasing), I realize that I was totally addicted to it. Now, I can see a cookie or cupcake without wanting to inhale it. She gives out tough love, sound nutritional advice, and the science behind her reasoning. I highly recommend her book and eating plan.

posted Feb 12th, 2012 2:31 pm


Have been following the plan in the book...lost 5 pds. at first, now after a month, not losing anything. Is this common? Feeling discouraged.=(

posted Mar 3rd, 2011 12:10 pm



Great read, very informative, I LOVE Jackie!

posted Oct 20th, 2010 1:20 pm



I wasn't sure what to expect with Jackie's plan since I've tried just about every fad diet under the sun, but this is NOT a fad and it's not a diet. Her nutritional plan truly has changed my way of eating. I haven't counted a single calorie, I always feel satisfied and my sugar cravings are M.I.A. I'm simply eating the wholesome, non-processed foods my body deserves and I'm feeling great. Combine that with the exercises Jackie recommends, and the scale is *finally* moving down in the right direction. I never thought I could control my cravings for sugar and other junk foods, but Jackie has proven me wrong. Love her and this book!

posted Oct 14th, 2010 10:52 am

Victoria Malone


Revolutionary is the word to describe Jackie's diet. I have not had a hunger pang and, I am on day 4. Warner speaks to the root of the problem and to the soul of the reader. She gets right down to the hurt. That sets her apart from others who write this sort of book.

posted Aug 5th, 2010 10:59 am


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