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Men's Health TNT Diet

Men's Health TNT Diet

A weight loss program designed just for men.

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Since there is no shortage of diets that are tailored to women, Men's Health magazine has created a unique weight loss program that is geared to men's specific dietary needs. In general, men consume more calories, have less fat and sport more muscle than women. And sorry to all of you ladies, but men also have an easier time losing weight than women do. Kind of unfair, but men continue to make up a significant percentage of the millions of overweight and obese cases in this country.

The Men's Health TNT Diet: The Explosive New Plan to Blast Fat, Build Muscle, and Get Healthy in 12 Weeks is a guide to help men lose weight and improve their health. Designed with men's unique caloric needs and body composition in mind, the TNT Diet is a build muscle and lose fat program that journeys across a three-month exercise and clean-eating meal plan.

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  • Tailored to men's unique body composition
  • Easy to read and follow
  • Promotes exercise and sound eating principles
  • Many of the exercise workouts can be done at home or outside
  • Encourages supplementing diet with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidant rich teas
  • Written by a nutrition sciences expert
  • Backs-up program with scientific evidence
  • Won't apply to women as it is written exclusively for men

There are five eating plans to choose from in the TNT Diet. The guides in the book will help you determine which plan is best suited for you to meet your weight loss and health goals. Based upon the plan you chose, you will alternate between weeks of eating a high-carbohydrate meal plan, low-carbohydrate meal plan or workout-nutrition meal plan. You are strongly encouraged to adopt the low-carb eating plan for the first 4 weeks of the TNT Diet.

Protein is the staple macro-nutrient that is eaten at every meal, alongside non-starchy vegetables and modest amounts of fat. When you move into the high-carb eating plan, you can begin to eat pastas, cereals, fruit, popcorn and other whole grains but sugars, extra fats and refined carbohydrates should be avoided.

Each plan is very well outlined so that you know how much to eat, what to eat and when to eat.

It is also suggested that you take Nordic Naturals omega-3 fatty acids, drink lots of water and drink roobios, or red tea which is caffeine-free and full of antioxidants.


The TNT Workout Plan is a 12-week program in three 4-week phases. It is designed to build muscle, burn fat, boost metabolism and improve your overall fitness.

Each week, you will do three weight training sessions, resting in between each day. The workout plan includes very precise guidelines for which strength-training exercise to do, how to perform them and the order you need to perform them in.


The Men's Health TNT Diet is a comprehensive and very regimented program that was designed specifically for men who want to lose weight, build muscle and improve their overall health.

Written by Men's Health own Adam Campbell and Jeff Volek, Ph.D., this well-outlined plan leaves you with little room to wonder about what to eat, when to eat, how to workout and when to workout. Choose among five different weight loss plans and get started!

The eating plans are satisfying the workouts, albeit tough, don't require that you spend hours at the gym.

If you're looking to drop 20 pounds or more (or less), this could be THE men's diet for you.

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Great for someone with a busy lifestyle. Even cheating sometimes won't derail your progress. I dropped what i know to be at least 8 pounds of fat and replaced that weight with 4lbs of muscle in 6 weeks. Net weight loss was only 4 pounds but i can see it in my clothes and in my mid- section. This is my second time and I'm sticking to it.

posted Nov 1st, 2016 9:32 am

Barb Herbert

I hate to disappoint, but this diet DOES work well for women. Even the authors state this.
The only issue that women have is that some of them don't like to lift weights, or if they do, they are intimidated by the free weights... usually due to the guy with his ball cap on backwards, doing bicep curls in the squat rack). But, this diet does work for women. Other than caloric intake, women have no special dietary requirements (except maybe during pregnancy and lactation). Eat up and learn how to use free weights ladies. Your body will change in incredible ways. Oh, and the guy doing curls in the squat rack is probably not the best person to show you correct form... LOL!

posted Feb 12th, 2013 9:26 pm



Love this diet. Very beneficial.

posted Feb 3rd, 2013 5:10 pm

Ophelia Cumby

I am very disappointed in this program I was told that I downloaded a book and I received a email saying to cancel within in 30 days. I do not have a book and I have been charged for 3 months of $48 and this diet is for men and I am a female. I would like for you to reimbursement the charges that was placed on my card (310) 412-8755.

posted Sep 20th, 2011 2:28 pm



Women are more than able to succeed with this plan. I use it and it works great. Just be sure to get your carbs from the sources listed. I eat a bunch of spinach for the added protien bonus.

You will really want to do Plan A for at least 4 weeks. I was strict with one "cheat" day each week where I'd have a pizza or mexican. There are plenty of options to make the meals filling and good, so it should be easy to do.

posted Sep 6th, 2011 12:02 pm

robin correll


would like to cancel my order asap and get my money back please respond asap

posted Aug 16th, 2011 4:29 pm


I did the diet when it first came out. I found it on the mens health website. I was 220 lbs and got down to 180 lbs. After I got down to 180 I went on the one day of all the carbs I wanted. It kinda then went to a few carbs during the week too! I kept the weight of for severl years. I slowly got up to 200 lbs. then went back on the strict diet. I am now back down to 180 lbs. It only took 2 months and at age 50 I thought it was great. Personally I think you need to do the no carbs for a month. It makes it so you are not as hungry and can live with a small amount or food and with fewer carbs you burn the fat not the carbs.

posted Mar 18th, 2011 8:36 am

lee w

will the plans stil work even if you dont do plan a for the first 4 weeks having 1 carb day a week as its 2 hard 2 stick for month ?

posted Jan 17th, 2011 10:17 pm


LK is right. Just finished reading the book and it specifically states that women will have similar weight loss results as men. Just starting the diet and will post again in a few weeks to share results.

posted Nov 15th, 2010 11:19 pm


I'm sorry but did you read the book? You state that it's not applicable for women, that the TNT Diet book is written "exclusively for men".

If you'd read the book in it's entirety you'd have seen that it does state that women can benefit from this diet plan. I am currently following the diet and workout plans. The workouts are amazing! I also have a very good friend that has be extremely successful with this plan. She's one heck of a hardbody now... but not overly so.

posted Sep 3rd, 2010 1:16 pm



I followed plan EXACTLY with diet and exercise program. I lost 5 lbs BOTH Week 1 & 2. Weight loss slowed in Week 3 as I began to trade fat for muscle. No loss in Week 4 but 2 more pounds lost in Week 5. I have tightened my belts up three holes! More surprising was the effect on my cholesterol. Taking statins for high cholesterol, my blood work is done regularly. My total cholesterol dropped from 228 to 163 and my LDL levels from 151 to 100!

posted Feb 19th, 2010 9:06 pm


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