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Nice Girls Finish Fat

Nice Girls Finish Fat

Find out how to take care of yourself first, stop emotional eating and lose weight.

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  • Established: 2009
  • Founder: Karen R. Koenig
  • Accessibility: Book, Online
  • Diet Type: Emotional Eating
  • Gender: Female

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Nice Girls Finish Fat: Put Yourself First and Change Your Eating Forever is a book written by Karen R. Koenig that discusses women, people pleasing and emotional eating. This book delves into the link between weight gain and women trying to juggle taking care of everyone else around them while neglecting self. Author Karen Koenig is a cognitive-behavioral therapist and she has written four books on eating and weight. Nice Girls Finish Fat is for women that may have tried several different diet and exercise plans but haven’t dealt with possible emotional issues that might be beneath the surface. These issues have to be dealt with before weight loss can occur, and this book allows you to do that. The definition of being a nice girl applies to those that put others needs and responsibilities ahead of their own on a regular basis. Nice Girls Finish Fat deals specifically with how some women might use food to mask aggression, anger and guilt in an effort to be nice.

Through this book you can learn to first love yourself, so that you can make the changes you want to your body. Some of the chapters in the book cover overcoming perfectionism, taking care of family, taking care of friends and finding substitutes to eating. This book isn’t about common courtesy or being pleasant, it’s about putting your own needs first without feeling like that’s a bad thing.

  • Encourages putting yourself and your health first
  • Deals with emotional issues that may be keeping you from losing weight
  • Practices are based on decades of therapy
  • Helps you overcome the idea of perfectionism
  • Offers tips on how to undo certain behaviors
  • Includes exercises that help you understand what you need to do to make changes
  • Includes a total of 50 tips for recovery
  • Targets women only

Nice Girls Finish Fat deals more with the underlying issues that keep you turning to food in the way of binge eating and unhealthy habits, rather than outlining a specific diet to follow. This book speaks candidly about why diets don’t work for you when you are caught up in people pleasing and neglecting yourself Nice Girls Finish Fat includes a Nice Girl Test to tell you if you are in fact a nice girl, tips for recovering from this self-sabotaging behavior and offers ways to find substitutes to eating. The book includes a total of 50 tips for overcoming the nice mentality of constantly putting others first. Some of those valuable tips include:

  • List three ways that being nice gets you into trouble with friends, family and at work.
  • Say no without giving a long, boring, detailed explanation. Simply stop talking after you get your point across and see if the other person “gets it.”
  • Ask someone for help – then let them help you without lifting a finger.
  • Say no to a friend’s cry for help if he or she wouldn’t do the same for you.
  • Leave work on time and refuse to feel guilty.

Although exercise is not a main focus in this book, you are encouraged to get plenty of it which is an important part of taking care of yourself. Nice Girls Finish Fat focuses mainly on dealing with emotional eating that is triggered by years of putting others needs ahead of your own.


Nice Girls Finish Fat: Put Yourself First and Change Your Eating Forever is the type of book that a lot of women can easily relate to. This book gives some great tips on how to overcome behaviors that may be imbedded from early in your childhood. The book does not suggest that you completely neglect everyone around you. Instead it teaches you how to properly undo years of overly nice behavior and make the changes that your body and mind need. This book provides several helpful tools, as well as some answers to help you start putting yourself first.

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