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Pick It Kick It

Pick It Kick It

Make simple choices and delight in huge results.

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For quite some time, Oxygen magazine, the authority on nutrition, fitness and healing, has maintained it's Pick it or Kick it column in its publication, and now, it has turned this widely popular feature into a complete book.

Pick it Kick It written by Diane Hart, Oxygen Magazine's Executive Editor has done a lot of homework in helping you make the healthiest food choices quickly and easily.

Pick it Kick It serves as a resourceful guide, cookbook and educational tool all in one super handy (and very portable) book. It reveals more than 1000 simple food substitutions that will help you slim down just by choosing in a more health conscious way.

Included in the book are the best and worst foods to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as well as tons of fast-food meals from the nation's most popular chain restaurants. But in addition to restaurant and grocery store food, almost 50 recipes are also featured.

You will also learn tons of helpful information displayed in easy-to-read sidebars on Superfoods that jump start your metabolism, and fight disease, pointers on how to seamlessly cut calories and how to avoid marketing tips and decode nutritional labels.

The book is also peppered with success stories of everyday American women who have met their weight loss goals through commonsense eating and exercise. These stories as well as the fun and energetic tone of the book provide inspirational motivation and reminders about the importance of taking care of your health.

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  • Offers very practical and resourceful information
  • Offers you healthy substitutions for unhealthy ones
  • Provides recipes, suggestions and science-backed health information
  • Written by a health and nutrition expert
  • Easy to use and fun to read
  • Still allows you to eat out at fast-food restaurants and favorite eateries
  • Not a diet plan per se
  • No male stories featured as success stories

Pick it Kick it is a handy guide that provides you with all you need to know to make healthy and smart choices when eating out, dining in or grabbing a quick on-the-go meal at the grocery store.

The guide is divided among meals, which are spliced into chapters as well as chapters on eating out, how to stock a healthy cupboard, good-for-you-foods and the pick-it recipes.

On each page, you'll get to see a Pick It choice versus a Kick it choice. Each of the items whether it's powdered sugar donut from the bakery or a bowl of shredded wheat cereal will clearly display its nutrition information, including calories, fat, carbs, protein, fiber, sodium and sugar per serving. Under each Pick it or Kick It face-off, you also read about three or four more examples of what to choose or not to choose.

Each Pick it or Kick it challenge may also feature additional information such as the reasons why a particular product is worthy of eating it or not eating it, interesting food and health statistics and recipe or ingredient swap suggestions.

Some of the Pick it recipes include:

  • Oatmeal bread
  • Fit eggs Benedict
  • Shrimp, black bean and feta cheese tacos
  • Whole wheat pasta salad with chicken
  • Power protein parfait
  • Cocoa muffins
  • Lean green shake

While Pick it Kick It does not offer a laid-out fitness plan, throughout the book, you will pick helpful suggestions about how to add more exercise into your day as well as learning tips from success stories of women featured in the book who have lost weight through the tried and very true method of smart eating and regular exercise.


Eating right and healthy does not have to involve pricey foods, heavy food scales and the constant use of a calculator. With Oxygen Magazine's popular column turned book, Pick it Kick it is a must-have for anyone who is serious about eating healthy and losing weight, but doesn't have the information to put their well-minded intentions into practice.

Now is your chance to up your knowledge and up the nutrition factor of the foods you order, cook or toss into your grocery cart as you watch the scale go down.

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i am to fat i want to loose wait food

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