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Pottenger's Prophecy

Pottenger's Prophecy

Learn how genes and food influence our health.

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The adage, "we are what we eat" is becoming increasingly more relevant and applicable thanks in great part to the work of scientists, researchers and Gray Graham, NTP, Deborah Kester, MPH and Larry Scherwitz, PhD. Co-authors of Pottenger's Prophecy: How food Resets Genes for Wellness or Illness, this team of food and health experts reignite the work of Dr. Francis Pottenger, a pediatrician and scientist who in the 1930s discovered a link between our behaviors and genes. While it was previously thought that our genes and DNA structure were unchangeable, Pottenger showed that genes could indeed be impacted by our lifestyle choices.

"The Pottenger's Prophecy" is as much a comprehensive resource of health information as it is a guide for how to live a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the countless research studies that reveal just how the American diet is negatively affecting our health, the reader will also learn:

  • The Ten Green-Gene guidelines that contain a list of the best foods you can eat for health.
  • How to reset your genes for health, healing and longevity
  • Nutrition secrets you can pass along to your offspring
  • How to reframe your relationship to food and eating
  • What invisible nutrients are and how they help.
  • How incompatible today's Western diet is for our health and genetic makeup.
  • The positive effects that stress-reduction behaviors and exercise can have on our health.

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  • Backed by more than 400 research studies
  • Diligently written and researched
  • Shows the correlation between today's food supply and its influence over our health
  • Provides practical solutions and strategies for healthy eating that is safe and beneficial to our health and the health of the environment
  • Advocates a whole-foods and unprocessed diet
  • Its strong research-backed content may be a deterrent for those who want to a lighter read

The Pottenger's Prophecy is filled with information on health, diet and the current food manufacturing processes of Western culture. From GMOs to antibiotics and hormones and from high fructose corn syrup and refined foods, you will learn just how counterproductive the American Diet is to health and longevity.

Overall, the book strongly promotes eating a plant-based and organic diet that is filled with local and sustainable produce, grass-fed beef and poultry and fish that contains lowest amounts of pollutants.

The Ten Green-Gene guidelines include such tips such as eating foods in the natural state, consuming high quality food in proportion of the nutrient ratio that are genes have been adapted for millions of years, drinking clean water and others.


When it comes to exercise, The Pottenger's Prophecy debunks the commonly-held belief to eat less and exercise more in order to lose weight. Instead, the authors contend that exercise just makes us hungrier, which in turn sends us to the kitchen where we over-consume the amount of calories we just burned.

The authors aren't advocating for a no-exercise approach to a healthy lifestyle or to weight loss, but rather they encourage you to exercise modestly because it makes you feel good. And more importantly, to change your relationship to food so that your most--of-the-time way of eating becomes a social, pleasurable and health-enhancing experience.

Practicing stress-reducing behaviors like meditation are also strongly advocated to promote health, happiness and longevity.


Pottenger's Prophecy is a comprehensive and powerful resource that is overflowing with important health information. This indispensable guide identifies the foods that launch your genes on a path toward illness as well as the diet that can activate "health" genes, often instantly, to promote a longer and healthier life.

Read this book to discover how you can reset your genes and protect not just your health, but of the health of generations to come.

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lisa scott

"Its strong researched based content may be a deterrent for those wanting a lighter read" sheesh ! what is this world coming to? Shouldn't that be a 'pro' for all except morons!

posted Mar 29th, 2015 4:23 am



Cant what to read it! this is just what i have been looking for!

posted May 9th, 2011 4:33 pm


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