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Psych Your Diet

Psych Your Diet

A three-volume guide that addresses the three key phases of dieting.

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Known for digging deep into the core issues of what drives us to overeat, authors and psychology experts, Kenneth Schwarz and Julie North Schwarz have written a three-volume series on the journey of successful weight loss. Psych Your Diet is divided into three books, each of which addresses one of the key stages of dieting. The three books in the series are:

  • Volume 1: Psych Yourself to Start
  • Volume 2: Psych Yourself to Stick to It
  • Volume 3: Psych Yourself to Keep it Off

Whatever stage of dieting journey you find yourself in, every day, you'll get the motivation and support you need to tackle food issues and address the situations, triggers and emotions that cause you to overeat or lose sight of your goal.

Each of the volumes contain the same format: More than one-hundred one-to-two page chapters of Daily Doses. You can think of it as a daily knowhow, encouragement and inspiration.

Kenneth Schwarz and wife Julie North Schwarz are also the authors of Maria's Last Diet and Breaking Up with Food.

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  • Full of wonderful inspiration, tips and motivation that get to the root cause of why we overeat
  • Not a diet plan
  • Written by mental health professionals
  • Encourages self-exploration, honesty and health rather than self-criticism and deprivation
  • Easy to read
  • Daily doses provide the reader with a focus and real tool to address their eating issues
  • Grounded in mental, spiritual and emotional health rather than food choices, calorie-counting or fitness regimens
  • Skewed to a female target audience

Psych Your Diet volumes one, two and three are quite different than your average diet book, which features recipes, calorie counts, food lists and an exercise regimen. Rather, the books never mention an actual food item, diet supplement or sit-up. Instead, each day, you read the small Daily Dose for the day, which is targeted specifically to whatever stage of your weight loss journey you are on.

Learn how to uncover the real reasons that prevent you from starting a diet, sticking to it and keeping it off. Daily Doses can be simply thoughts to ponder, short mental exercises or questions to ask yourself. Each daily dose can be read very quickly and can be used as your daily guiding principle.


While there is no exercise routine outlined in the books, the Daily Doses will help you determine what holds you back from exercising or prevents you from maintaining a healthy and practical workout routine that makes you feel good mentally and physically.


Kenneth Schwarz, Ph.D. and Julie North Schwarz know more than just a thing or two about weight loss. Both of these astute mental health experts have spent their lives working with individuals who have had weight struggles from eating disorders to obesity. By understanding the psychological side of eating, they encourage you to look at your issues with food from a different lens other than just calories in and calories out or good foods and bad foods.

There three-volume series, Psych Your Diet is filled with daily mantras, exercises and concepts that will lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself at all stages of your weight loss journey.

If you are looking for a sage guide that gives you self-exploring tools and support in a safe and inspiring manner, this series is for you.

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