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QOD Diet

QOD Diet

Lose weight by eating every other day with this diet plan.

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The QOD Diet: Eating Well Every Other Day is a book written by Dr. John T. Daugirdas. The QOD Diet, also known as the Every Other Day Diet, focuses on allowing you to eat healthy just every other day and minimally eating every other day. On the days that you are eating, the calorie count should be between 1800-2400 calories for men and 1200-1800 for women if weight loss is the goal.

The regular food days are called "on" days and the days with minimal calorie consumption are called "off" days. The "off" days have several different rules to ensure you are getting the nutrients needed to keep your body from going into starvation mode.

The QOD Diet also covers the subject of exercise. It is highly recommended that you exercise while trying to lose weight on this program. Dr. Daugirdas discusses how exercise alone won’t generally help you lose weight, but how it can be effective when combined with a calorie restricted diet. The QOD Diet is designed for those who have less than 25 pounds to lose and are generally healthy. Those who are severely obese should not use this program.

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  • Covers diet and exercise components of losing weight
  • Yields weight loss results
  • Program offers a new way to lose weight
  • Authored by a medical doctor
  • Has potential to trigger binge eating
  • Diet is based on a severe reduction in calories
  • Not for those with more than 25 pounds to lose
  • Very restrictive

The eating plan is a significant part of what makes the QOD Diet what it is. Eating for the "on" days is somewhat left up to your judgment but there are still rules. You must avoid snacking on candy or cookies and limit yourself to one dessert on these days. You should have a big breakfast that includes at least 700 mg of sodium; the remainder of the day salty foods should be avoided. Nothing should be eaten after 7 p.m. during the "on" days and you should remain within the daily caloric target given. You also should not gain more than four pounds between the morning and evening of your "on" day.

"Off" days on the program are even more restrictive than "on" days. During your "off" days you are to consume no more than 300 non-protein calories and 200 protein calories. You also need 32 ounces of water on these days as well as 40 to 60 grams of protein powder and eight grams of a fiber supplement.

You can consume two eight-ounce glasses of tomato juice or V8 and four ounces of orange juice anytime you feel the need for carbs. You’ll notice an emphasis on sodium throughout the diet. This is to keep your energy levels up and avoid feeling weak or washed up.


Exercise is important while on the QOD Diet. Exercise along with fasting can really help with making you feel strong and lose weight at a faster rate. Some of the recommended exercises include walking at least two miles per day. Jogging on a home treadmill or outside is also recommended for one-half to one mile.


For those interested in losing less than 25 pounds, The QOD Diet, or Every Other Day Diet, is an option to explore. Be forewarned, this program is for those who are basically healthy and don’t have a lot of weight to use, 25 pounds or less to be exact.

The rules are strict and there are a lot of different guidelines. Many will find that fasting every other day and eating a restricted calorie diet every other day will be too much of a change. There are a lot of precautions to avoid sending your body into starvation mode, which means that is a definite possibility. For those with more weight to lose or that want to try a more regular eating plan, there are other diets that may be better suited to meet your needs.

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