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Real Living Nutrition

Real Living Nutrition

A customized online weight loss program.

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Real Living Nutrition is an online weight loss program that features three specific weight loss plans that can help you meet your fitness goal.

The Balance Program helps you achieve your healthy living goal by regularly working with a registered dietitian to develop a weight loss program and follow it all from the comforts of your own home. You participate in weekly e-coaching sessions, set weekly goals and move at your own pace. The Balance program is Real Living Nutrition's core program.

The second program is the Mini Diet Makeover where you receive a complete diet analysis and expert advice on how to make small changes to your diet to achieve your goal weight.

Last is the Healthy Living Program, a maintenance program for those who have completed the Balance program but want to make sure they are taking the correct steps to sustain their weight loss.

The Real Living Nutrition programs teaches you about how to lead a healthy lifestyle. It does not endorse a specific diet nor does it require that you purchase a branded line of diet foods. Instead, it helps you customize your own nutrition plan with a diet expert so that you can meet and sustain your weight loss goals.

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  • Offers three different programs to choose from
  • Provides expert advice from registered dietitians
  • Teaches the basics of healthy eating
  • Not a quick-fix solution to weight loss
  • Private
  • Online method may be too reclusive for some dieters who need face-to-face motivation and accountability

The Real Living Nutrition diet plans are not a one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss: Everyone's diet on Real Living Nutrition program will be different. Once you choose your plan, you will work with a Real Living Nutrition expert to devise an eating plan that honors your lifestyle and weight loss goal.

On the Balance program, you will learn how to make small changes to your diet to make it more healthy and you will also be responsible for keeping a daily online food diary. You will also learn how to boost your metabolism naturally, how to control cravings, what the three steps are to creating a balanced meal and which foods you should always have in stock for healthy snacking.


With the help of your dietitian, you will create an exercise program that works for you and helps you burn calories more efficiently. Real Living Nutrition will help you exercise smartly so that you're not spending hours in the gym or engaging in the wrong kind of activity for your fitness goals.


Real Living Nutrition is online weight loss program that offers three specific plans that can help you meet or sustain your ideal weight. Its core program is the Balance Program that helps you individualize a weight loss plan with the assistance of a registered dietitian and work with her to achiever your goals.

Its focus on balanced nutrition, exercise, and regular self-evaluation and monitoring make this online program a sound solution for individuals seeking a customized approach to weight loss in a private and confidential setting.

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I didn't have any issues with the payment process. Great program, I really enjoyed it!

posted Aug 26th, 2015 10:08 pm

Sexy Ann

Don't know about this diet because my bank would not allow the payment. Normally when my bank does this something is not right.

posted Jul 2nd, 2009 12:50 pm


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