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Sweet Potato Diet

Sweet Potato Diet

Matthew Morrison's key to ripped abs.

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The Sweet Potato Diet has been revealed as the secret behind Glee star Matthew Morrison’s ripped abs. The Sweet Potato Diet can easily be classified as a fad diet. Morrison talked candidly in an interview about how he ate nothing but sweet potatoes for three days leading up to a photo shoot that highlights his abs. He stated that the sweet potato acts like a sponge and allows your body to shrink, get ripped and tight. Of course eating nothing but sweet potatoes is not a diet solution that you can stick to permanently. Sweet potatoes have been widely known for their health benefits and nutrients.

They also help stabilize blood sugar levels and lower insulin resistance. So far there is no specific plan detailed in the Sweet Potato Diet other than what Morrison did. He did make the statement that his trainer advised him to eat nothing but sweet potatoes and consume very little water over the three day period. As people see his photo spread and the results he was able to get, there are sure to be many people that try the Sweet Potato Diet to get their own six packs.

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  • Causes the body to shrink to reveal muscle
  • Sweet potatoes are high in nutrition
  • No information on required workout
  • Typically won’t reveal six pack abs if you are not already in reasonably good shape
  • Eating nothing but sweet potatoes for an extended period can be unhealthy
  • May cause bad eating habits when going back to regular foods
  • Not a long term weight loss option
  • Can get really boring to eat nothing but sweet potatoes

According to Matthew Morrison, he ate nothing but sweet potatoes for three days straight. Although sweet potatoes have been proven to be fully nutritious, there haven’t been any official diets termed the Sweet Potato Diet until now. There is no information on how many sweet potatoes should be consumed or the best ways to prepare them. When eating sweet potatoes for nutrition, it is important not to candy them as that adds additional calories that are unnecessary. The nutritional benefit of sweet potatoes is good, but eating nothing but sweet potatoes is not the best way to remove fat and extra pounds.


There is no exercise mentioned with Morrison’s version of the Sweet Potato Diet. There is also no information available on what sort of shape he was in prior to engaging in the diet. Photos of Morrison prior to his photo shoot do reveal that he was not overweight at all.


The Sweet Potato Diet does not seem to be a healthy diet that should be tried. Any diet that requires you eat only one food for several days will deprive your body of other needed nutrients. There is no evidence that this diet would work for those who are drastically overweight and may cause other health problems if attempted for a prolonged period of time.

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