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The 17 Day Plan to Stop Aging

The 17 Day Plan to Stop Aging

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The 17 Day Plan to Stop Aging by Dr. Mike Moreno - author of the bestselling book The 17 Day Diet - is a guide to all things healthy living and longevity. Dr. Moreno touts that his 4-cycle plan utilizes nutrition, physical fitness, and mental exercise to prepare you for a life of optimum health.

While most people begin to fear the end of their life as they age, Dr. Moreno contends that it's possible to enjoy and thrive in the last years of our lives if we start taking care of ourselves now.

The book contains plenty of resources and guidelines to instruct the reader toward optimum health. One such chapter outlines the ideal weight one should maintain over the course of their life based on their gender and height.

Additionally, Dr. Moreno outlines simple says to keep moving outside of traditional exercise sessions to burn more calories, including things like pacing the room while brushing your teeth or parking far away from the grocery store front door so you have longer to walk both ways.

One of the first few chapters in the book discusses heart health, as an estimated 1.25 million Americans suffers a heart attack each year. Just one of the strategies for maintaining good heart health is eating a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals from foods like sweet potatoes, salmon and spinach.

Dr. Moreno tells you which foods to cut back on, such as white rice, corn syrup and soda; and which foods to consume more of, stressing a variety of vegetables as vital to lifelong health.

The diet portion of the book is broken into four 17-day cycles, the first of which is intended to restore. Whether the goal is to lose weight, increase physical strength or prevent dementia, a nutrition and exercise plan is clearly outlined from sunrise to sundown.

The second cycle is similar to the first in layout, however, the primary goal is to "rebuild." Specific targets include sleeping better, reducing stress and preventing osteoporosis.

The third cycle aims to "refine," focusing on reproductive and urinary health. While the fourth aims to make the habits stick for a lifetime, equipping the reader with general rules for eating out and how to focus on proper breathing throughout the day.

In addition to a clearly outlined diet and fitness plan, the book also has a series of checklists and questionares to help target the issues that are most relevant to the reader. For instance, one survey seeks to determine the person's heart health, and then based on the results guides them toward the proper foods, exercises, daily habits and supplements to guide them toward restorative health.

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  • Dr. Mike Moreno is a well-respected physician and author, thanks in part to the huge success of his book The 17 Day Diet
  • Advice for people of all ages and health levels
  • Includes a clearly-outlined diet plan
  • Makes reasonable exercise suggestions
  • Promotes longevity and longterm health over a "quick fix"
  • None to speak of

The diet portion of the book is broken down into four, 17-day cycles, each consisting of very specific advice on what to eat, what supplements to take, and what exercises to perform.

Cycle one is the most detailed, including specific foods and activities that are then recommended again later in the book.

For example, Day 1 holds 12 instructions for what to eat when, what exercises to do and why, and what supplements to take and how specifically they benefit your body.


While specific exercise guidelines are included in The 17 Day Plan to Stop Aging, there is some discretion left up to the reader.

For example, Cycle 1: Day 2 suggests doing 30 jumping jacks then doing a standing chest expansion in the morning. Later it recommends to do a crossword before bed to encourage mental health.

Overall, the theme is to stay active throughout the day, whether it's walking around your house or doing a few push ups before getting in the shower. Additionally, Dr. Moreno encourages the reader to establish these healthy habits for a lifetime of health, not for temporary change or weight loss.


For people interested in slowing the aging process, learning how to age gracefully, and achieving optimum health, The 17 Day Plan to Stop Aging is a great resource.

It provides detailed day-by-day advice on how to replace unhealthy habits with positive ones, remain active over the course of your life, which foods and supplements combat illness and promote longevity, and how all of these areas come together to foster better health for a lifetime.

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