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The All-Natural Menopause Diet

Menopause Diet Review (UPDATED 2024): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

Natural relief for those nagging menopause symptoms.

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What is it?

A Menopause Diet is a way of eating used to treat symptoms related to menopause. This includes issues such as hot flashes, dry skin, bone loss, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and other similar symptoms.

While this does not claim to actually cure menopause, it is said to help people better deal with associated symptoms. Menopause is known to affect all women at around the age of 51, though some may experience it later. In reviewing many kinds of diets our review experts have concluded the best option for weight loss is the 18Shake Diet. In it is a fat burning diet pill and an appetite suppressing meal replacement shake for hours of satiety. To learn more about the 18Shake Diet, click on the link here.

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Menopause Diet Ingredients and Side Effects

The kinds of foods allowed can vary as there’s not one single source which provides information about this diet. On average it’s advised to do the following:

Intake more calcium. Either in the form of calcium supplements or dairy rich foods. Fish, legumes, broccoli, and other foods are all rich sources of calcium. This is needed to prevent symptoms related to osteoporosis or bone loss and fragments.

• Increase the intake of iron. This includes around 3 servings of foods which have iron. This can come from things like leafy green vegetables, poultry, fish, eggs, lean red meat, nuts, and enriched grain foods. Lean meats are preferred as saturated fats can increase the risk of symptoms.

• Make sure to maintain a proper weight. Information on how to do so is scarce and depends on where one researches a Menopause Diet.

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Receive more fiber via whole grains, vegetables, fruits, cereals, and other similar foods.  Often advised to take in 21 grams of fiber a day.

• Reducing the amount of sugar and salt. As blood pressure can be increased during menopause, sodium is limited to also prevent high blood pressure. This can limit the amounts of smoked, cured, or salted foods.

• Reducing the total amount of fatty foods eaten.  In particular saturated fats such as those found in whole milk, fatty meats, cheese, and pother similar foods. Processed foods which contain trans fats are also reduced.

• Limit alcoholic drinks to a maximum of 1 to 2 a day.

• Avoid triggering foods such as spices, caffeine, and alcohol.

Many of these suggestions are similar to any other general diet. While these are healthy choices to make, it’s all fairly general recommendations. It’s also not a weight loss diet, though it’s highly advised to manage weight to reduce menopause related symptoms.

For the list of the best weight loss diets, click on the link provided here.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake for better results.

Menopause Diet Quality of Ingredients

The suggestions offered to manage menopause are similar to any other diet. It offers basic recommendations on how much iron, calcium, fiber, and fruits and vegetables are needed.

While these suggestions are healthy, it’s not enough to help satisfy weight loss demands. Any weight loss results are indirect and are a cause of eating more wholesome foods.

Menopause symptoms may still be experienced even while on this diet, as there is no direct cure. For the list of the top ranked weight loss diets, follow the link provided here.

The Price and Quality of a Menopause Diet

Any costs will be determined on the overall quality of foods one chooses. To properly follow this diet you’d have to get a certain amount of nutrients in order to take in the advised daily limits. This includes certain amounts of iron, water, fiber, calcium, and other important vitamins and minerals.

While this is a healthy way to ensure one is getting the right amount of daily nutrients, it’s not a guarantee of weight loss. One will still have to find a way to reduce calories via another diet.

Weight maintenance is an important part of this diet, but there’s very general tips provided by websites which promote this diet.

Business of a Menopause Diet

This diet is mentioned in many different websites, but there’s not one single guide or source of information. This is because the tips advised for regulating any menopause symptoms are dependent on many known factors.

The information provided is all fairly basic and can be researched for free. It includes suggestions such as limiting sugar, eating more wholesome foods, getting more water, managing weight, and making sure to make proper choices for healthy foods.

Menopause of course cannot be stopped and can only be treated. Some women may experience worse effects depending on their natural biology.

It is known however the hormones that once were produced in the ovaries are since irregular. Both estrogen and progesterone are no longer functional in the same way.

It’s highly important to manage weight which has to be gained via other sources, as websites which mention this diet are limited in their suggestions. For a list of the top rated weight loss diets, click on the link here.

EDITOR’S TIP: The top 10 list of the best diets is available here.

Customer Opinions of a Menopause Diet

Provided below are some select reviews from online users:

“it’s basic information eat more fruits and veggies, limit certain foods”

“you can’t reverse the effects of menopause but this kind if diet can help ease any symptoms”

“information is really too basic to help promote any significant changes to health”

“This diet isn’t anything new which you have not already heard before, really basic and simple”

There is little information provided from users, and in reaching it there was no claim of weight loss. Users often said that it’s a very general diet that emphasizes common sense issues.

Without much more experiences its unknown if it’s truly effective for treating menopause symptoms.  There were also very little details on whether or not people were satisfied in terms of weight loss. For a list of the best weight loss diets, click on the link provided here.

Conclusion – Does a Menopause Diet Work?

 A Menopause Diet is a general diet that can help provide an easing of symptoms related to menopause. It cannot treat menopause, and all the information on this diet is provided in very general terms. It’s highly suggested to manage one’s weight, but they fail to provide any specific details other than common sense weight loss advice. So if one is looking to actually lose weight there has to be more research from other sources. It’s not fully comprehensive enough to help secure weight loss results.

Our review experts analyze many kinds of weight loss diets. In their research they’ve concluded that the best solution overall is the 18Shake Diet.  It’s made up of a meal replacement shake that suppresses appetite for hours, and a fat burning diet pill. Both are free of any stimulants, fillers, binders, preservatives, colors, or any unwanted additives.

Customers have left glowing reviews to showcase how effective it is for weight loss. There’s also before and after photos from satisfied customers who have experienced significant weight loss results.

Every ingredient is made in a GMP certified facility to ensure routine quality control inspections. To learn more information about the 18Shake Diet, click on the link here.

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Good to know about the Natural Menopause Diet. When it comes to HRT vs. all-natural diet, it's just such a no-brainer choice. Glad to know this is a good diet. Curious if you have looked at the diet from? It's all natural, too, and has a ton of positive buzz from users. Would love to see your thoughts. Happy 2010!

posted Dec 31st, 2009 11:29 am


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BACKGROUNDBACKGROUND Start the Diet Now Advertisement

The All-Natural Menopause Diet: The Drug-Free, Natural Way to Beat Your Symptoms and Lose Weight, written by Theresa Cheung and Dr. Adam Balen, is a guide to help women go through menopause naturally and without any hormone-replacement drug therapies.

The book is more about overall wellness than it is about losing weight. The program highlights nutrition, exercise, relaxation strategies and detoxification.

The All-Natural Menopause Diet encourages a whole-foods diet filled with organic fresh fruits and vegetables and wild fish. The book also contains advice and suggestions to prevent hot flashes, protect against osteoporosis, balance hormones and boost libido.

Do You Know the Best Diet Pills of 2024?

  • Offers a drug-free strategy to manage the symptoms of menopause
  • Promotes a healthy diet, one that can prevent weight gain that often accompanies menopause
  • Written by a medical professional
  • Most of the information given is standard with most diet programs

The All-Natural Menopause Diet contains several helpful tips in making proper changes to your diet. Making these changes will help drastically reduce some of the symptoms and potential consequences of menopause such as osteoporosis, weight gain and hot flashes.

Some of the major components included in this diet are:

  • Drink at least eight glasses of water per day to cleanse out your body
  • Increase your intake of flax seed
  • Eat three well balanced meals per day with two snacks
  • Limit carbohydrates to 15 grams per meal and 7 grams per snack in order to keep a low glycemic load
  • Take a multivitamin
  • Consume foods that contain natural estrogen and avoid foods that inhibit estrogen

Exercise is also an important part of dealing with menopause. With any program that promotes overall health, exercise is sure to be a factor. Physical activity has been shown to reduce hot flashes, weight gain and depression. Some of the recommended exercises that can help with menopause symptoms are:

  • Walking
  • Dancing
  • Weight training
  • Other aerobic exercises

All women must go through menopause after reaching a certain age. With the All-Natural Menopause Diet, you can make that process go a lot smoother. Being able to naturally reduce some of the symptoms and even reverse some of them can be very comforting to a woman during a time that is very stressful. Whether you are close to menopause age or right in the middle of it, the All-Natural Menopause Diet could be just the tool you need to make it through without using drugs or medications.

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