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The Glycemic Load Diabetes Solution

The Glycemic Load Diabetes Solution

Use the science of the glycemic load to manage diabetes.

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The Glycemic Load Diabetes Solution is a book that offers six steps to optimal control of your type 2 diabetes. This book is by Dr. Rob Thompson with recipes by Dana Carpender. Dr. Thompson is a preventive cardiologist that also has diabetes, but has managed the disease through studies of the glycemic load and targeting starch. The Glycemic Load Diabetes Solution offers some of Dr. Thompson’s research in an easy to understand program that will help you deal with type 2 diabetes and regulate your blood sugar levels. There are recipes included in the book which were created by author Dana Carpender. She is also the author of the bestselling book 15-Minute Low-Carb Recipes. During this program, you will be focused on eliminating starch from your foods rather than sugar which is commonly thought to be the culprit.

You will learn the effects of dietary starch and how to take it out of your diet and replace it with the right foods. The meals that you will have on this program are delicious and will leave you satisfied. The program is clear, concise and very practical. The book explains what the glycemic load is, how it works and offers a plan that is great for diabetics and those with pre-diabetes.

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  • Program starts with just a seven day plan
  • Allows you to eat real foods
  • Balance your blood sugar
  • Ideal for those with type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes
  • Includes delicious recipes
  • Properly teaches you how to remove starch from your diet
  • Stabilize your blood sugar in seven days
  • Explains the effects of dietary starch
  • None to speak of

The Glycemic Load Diabetes Solution includes several tasty recipes as well as sound advice for purging starch from your diet. The six steps that are highlighted in the book for gaining control of your diabetes are:

  • Purge starch from your diet
  • Inhibit glucose absorption
  • Sensitize your muscles to insulin
  • Keep your liver from overproducing glucose
  • Take insulin if you need it
  • Optimize your cholesterol and blood pressure

Each of the above six steps is discussed through its own chapter in the book. There are some starch alternatives offered including what to use when baking. Some of the starch substitutes are said to taste better than starch. For the menus that are provided, each food has a glycemic load number assigned to it that is displayed. This allows you to keep a daily tally and the goal is to keep your daily total below 500. There is some room for occasional treats, but overall, you will be avoiding bread, potatoes, rice and dinks that are high in sugar. One day of eating on The Glycemic Load Diabetes Solution is reflected below.

  • Breakfast: Walnut and bran cereal with strawberries (GL-90); Microwave omelet made with two eggs (GL-0); Coffee (GL-0)
  • Snack: 8-ounce latte (GL-27); 2 plums (GL-72)
  • Lunch: Teriyaki stir-fried chicken and vegetables without rice (GL-20); tea (GL-0); Fortune cookie (GL-25)
  • Snack: Cheese (GL-0); Apple (GL-78)
  • Dinner: Caesar Salad (GL-20); Salmon (GL-0); Asparagus (GL-15); Cauli-Rice (GL-60); 1 tablespoon butter (GL-0); 1 glass white wine (GL-0)
  • Dessert: Chocolate-covered almonds (GL-30)

The above meal plan gives a total GL of 437 for the day. Although foods like butter and wine have a glycemic load of zero, the book explains that these should be used sparingly. The Glycemic Load Diabetes Solution offers everything you need to adopt this low starch style of eating and makes sure you are not left hungry.


The Glycemic Load Diabetes Solution mentions that exercise does improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Walking half an hour each day is mentioned as a great way to allow calories to be mobilized from fat deposits, stave off between –meal hunger and reduce starch cravings. Walking was the default form of exercise 100 years ago due to the lack of motorized transportation. Twenty minutes of walking each day is a good place to start if you are not currently getting any exercise and you can build up to 30 minutes each day.


The Glycemic Load Diabetes Solution offers a helpful solution to anyone who is pre-diabetic or living with type 2 diabetes. This book allows you to eat healthy foods that are low in starch to lower your blood sugar. Combining the meal plan and recipes with some walking each day for physical activity can have you well on your way to stabilizing your blood sugar and being healthier.

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