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The High School Reunion Diet

The High School Reunion Diet

Get back the youth and body you had in high school.

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The High School Reunion Diet by Dr. David Colbert is a book that claims to help you lose 20 years from your appearance in 30 days.

With this diet that promises to work better than botox, you can add a fresh glow to your skin, lose weight where you want and recover the youthful energy of your high school days. This diet provides education on how your body is fueled by certain foods. You will quickly learn why certain foods can make you appear older than you are, and what foods to eat to bring back your youthful appearance. On this 30-day program, you will begin to experience increased energy, weight loss and heightened mental acuity.

There are two basic plans for The High School Reunion Diet: Level One, which is for those who need to lose more than just a few pounds and Level Two for those who aren't worried about losing weight but just want to healthy up their eating habits.

You can expect to lose as much as eight to ten pounds during your first few weeks of the diet.

Since Dr. Colbert is also a dermatologist, much of the The High School Reunion Diet is focused on leading a lifestyle that promotes beautiful and radiant skin.

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  • Eliminates processed foods and most things white from your diet
  • Gives explanation of various types of fats
  • Focuses on getting a youthful look naturally through diet
  • Book written by a medical doctor
  • Includes several simple recipes and meal plans
  • Program is 30 days in length
  • Will likely result in weight loss
  • Eliminating processed food can be difficult for some people
  • Program doesn’t include an exercise plan
  • Those with large amounts of weight to lose may find they need longer than 30 days to meet their weight loss goal

Most of The High School Reunion Diet focuses on what you will be eating during your 30 days on the program. Dr. Colbert takes the time to first explain what foods are unhealthy and which are healthy before outlining the eating plan.

Sugar is eliminated along with corn, potatoes, soft drinks and bread. This isn’t a low-carb diet, but instead one that encourages smart carbs. Sugar in the form of whole fruit is also allowed because it is in the most natural form.

When on the program, you are encouraged like many other diets to drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated. A lot of emphasis is placed on fats too, teaching you that there are certain fats that are actually good for the body. Fat-free, low-fat and non-fat foods are to be avoided as well, due to their inclusion of trans fat, sugars and other additives.

Included in the book are seven meal plans, each included one day’s worth of meals. There are also recipes included so that you can create your own menus to match your food preferences. The eating strategy of this program includes eating three meals per day and having two snacks in between. One sample meal plan on the High School Reunion Diet would go as follows:

  • Breakfast: Green eggs and ham (recipe included in book), water with a squeeze of lemon and coffee or tea with a splash of milk
  • Morning Snack: 1-2 slices organic turkey
  • Lunch: Grilled chicken topped on an arugula and sesame seed salad with Dijon mustard vinaigrette
  • Afternoon Snack: 8-10 walnuts, ½ an apple, and green, black or white tea
  • Dinner: Pan-seared sea scallops with balsamic reduction (recipe included), steamed or oven roasted asparagus spears; mixed greens salad with chopped vegetables, fresh berries topped with a drizzle of honey.

The High School Reunion Diet focuses solely on the foods that you eat and don’t eat. There are no chapters or sections of the book that cover exercise.


The High School Reunion Diet is a commendable approach to changing bad eating habits and eliminating harmful foods and ingredients. The program is set for 30 days but those that have large amounts of weight to lose or that want to truly focus on weight loss may have to follow this eating plan beyond the month-long program.

There is no exercise component, which is needed for long term weight loss and its complete elimination of processed foods and sugar may be hard to stick to for life.

But for those that do want to recapture their youth whether they have their high school reunion coming up or not, "The High School Reunion Diet" may be just the plan they need to succeed.

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Well written and well explained. They make one extremely simple but very strong point: that added sugars are contributing to dire national health statistics. And even though it's got a serious side, this book is a lot of fun. I highly recommend, even if you don't need to lose that much weight.

posted Oct 19th, 2010 7:05 pm


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