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The Instinct Diet

The Instinct Diet

Work with your instincts to eat, not against them.

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Following our instincts to eat is one of our most primitive and powerful forces. But often, our instinctual urge to eat calorie-dense foods and to despise the feelings of hunger have gotten us into some trouble when it comes to managing our weight. The Instinct Diet seeks to change the misuse of our primordial eating urges and instead offers a solution to alter them so that our food instincts become an engine for permanent, healthy weight loss.

Written by Dr. Susan B. Roberts, an internationally recognized nutrition researcher at Tufts University, The Instinct Diet centers around changing our relationship to the five built-in food habits that control our eating. The idea is that once you know why you are driven to eat the food you do, you can then begin to make healthier choices.

From the availability of food to dealing with the hunger and familiarity of food, to recognizing our knee-jerk reaction to choose calorie-dense foods and the enormous variety of foods we are exposed to, The Instinct Diet takes you on an eight-week journey to honor our instincts in a healthy way so that we can lose weight and keep it off.

Roberts' unique program is combined with her research efforts that has helped many lose 10-50 pounds and keep it off for more than one year. The book also includes a life-long maintenance phase as well as recipes and meal plans that are rumored to be delicious and satisfying.

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  • Applies medical research with effective lifestyle eating behaviors
  • Menu plan and recipes include decadent, healthy dishes
  • Hunger is kept at bay, but taste buds are kept happy
  • Includes a maintenance plan
  • Offers a solution for how to manage our current food environment while recognizing our primitive roots
  • Written by trusted and expert source
  • Meal plan and recipes include vegetarian options
  • Meal plans are very structured
  • Not a strong exercise component

The Instinct Diet is divided into three phases, the first phase, which lasts two weeks, is the most strict.

The Instinct Diet teaches you how to use your natural biology and find the balance you need to lose weight naturally while eating well and with enjoyment.

A complete meal plan includes 100 recipes and is given for each phase. Foods and snacks are generally high in volume and fiber, high protein, and low on the glycemic index scale. Recipes include I Diet Soda Bread that contains only 72 calories per slice, Orange Crumbed French Toast, Pork and Lemongrass Soup, Watercress and Citrus Salad with Parmesan Toast, and Chocolate Bread Pudding. The book also includes healthy no-cook meals for those who are time-deprived.

You will also learn fun, but effective, tips for how to fight food cravings such as tapping your forehead or how to combat "gulping syndrome" as a way to taste, savor and slow down your eating experience.

The Instinct Diet is not about counting calories or protein grams but rather it outlines a healthy eating plan for you that is deceptively low-calorie and incredibly satisfying.


There are no specific exercise guidelines.


The Instinct Diet is a research-backed program for understanding how our biology sets us up for weight gain or weight loss. Roberts, a internationally recognized nutrition researcher uses her work in weight loss, psychiatry and the nutritional sciences to devise a weight loss and maintenance program that works with our five basic food instincts not against them so that weight loss can be achieved and maintained.

The Instinct Diet is an eye-opening and informative read for anyone who wants to understand why they eat the way the do and how to make long-lasting healthy changes without feeling deprived or hungry.

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Lee Busch


This diet addresses every possible way you can fail at dieting and has strategies to keep you on track. Great simple recipes, very sensible advice. Love it.

posted Feb 12th, 2015 6:29 am



18 months later I am 30 lbs lighter. I now eat smaller portions of more filling foods - and can splurge now and then.

posted Sep 13th, 2010 1:27 pm



The greatest hits of dieting! Easy, yummy, comprehensive and effective!

posted May 26th, 2009 5:30 pm


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