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The Inuit Diet

The Inuit Diet

An age-old diet that has proven well for the Inuit culture.

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The Inuit Diet is one that is based primarily on foods that can be hunted, fished for or gathered locally in Alaska and various Canadian areas. This is the typical diet of those that live in these areas. Some of the meats included on the Inuit Diet are walrus, seal, beluga whale, polar bear, various types of fish, berries and fireweed.

The Inuit diet actually includes very little plant life because not much grows in the subzero climates where this diet is practiced. A lot of modern amenities have made the Inuit Diet much more diverse over the years. Because of the ability to buy so many things that were not previously available, there are very few if any who consume a traditional Inuit Diet entirely. The main purpose for the Inuit Diet was to keep the body strong, warm and healthy in the severely cold climates.

Most food consumed on the Inuit Diet is actually eaten raw, frozen, boiled or with very little added ingredients or spices. There are two meals per day eaten when following the Inuit Diet, but also snacks about every hour. Many of the hunters believed that eating food right in the location where it was caught was the best way to consume food. Eating the meat of the animal and consuming the blood right after the kill helps the hunter be able to keep their own blood flowing and the body warm. When a seal is hunted, the hunters are allowed to eat first due to their need to be fed and warmed by the meat and blood.

To enjoy a meal at home, large slabs of meat and blubber, as well as other animal parts, are served on plastic or cardboard on the floor. Anyone is able to come and carve off a piece of meat as they need it. The Inuit people only eat when they are hungry, so no one is required to eat at a certain time. Food is often shared among those who consume the Inuit Diet.

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  • Those consuming an Inuit diet rarely fall ill
  • Hunters attribute their health to the constant consumption of seal meat and blood
  • Provides for a healthy way of life and keeps the body warm
  • All natural ingredients and animals
  • Only eat when hungry
  • Diet is specific to Inuit culture
  • Not a traditional diet in the sense of losing weight, but a cultural way of eating
  • Limited to certain regions due to the ability to find fresh seal and fish
  • Limited amount of vegetables due to the harsh climates

The Inuit Diet is not one that you would try in order to lose weight. This is a way of life adopted by the Inuit culture. The foods that are eaten are consumed because that is what is available in those areas. Anyone living outside of the Alaskan and Canadian areas would have a hard time being able to hunt seal, which is a major part of this diet.

Those who eat in line with the Inuit Diet take the food preparation and hunting very seriously. The basic premise of the Inuit Diet is to eat when you are hungry, and to consume two meals per day. Snacks throughout the day are allowed. Some of the foods that will be eaten when participating in the Inuit Diet are:

  • Raw seal meat and blood; preferably right after the seal has been hunted and is still warm
  • Raw or frozen fish – salmon, sculpin, arctic cod and other saltwater fish
  • Caribou
  • Bowhead whale
  • Walrus – hunted only in the winter and spring

There is no mention of exercise with the Inuit Diet. Again, this is not a diet that someone tries out to lose weight; it is a way of life for an entire culture of people. Those who are hunters in the Inuit culture do receive exercise while hunting the animals that are brought back to feed the village. Other than that, there is no focus on exercise while consuming an Inuit Diet. The Inuit Diet is known for helping the body stay strong and healthy specifically from the consumption of the foods that are eaten.


The Inuit Diet is something that has been around for many years. Although it is not something that people are able to try from anywhere in the world, it is available to those in Alaska Canada. Consuming large quantities of raw seal meat and seal blood might not be appealing for some, but for those of the Inuit culture, it is a way of life that keeps them strong and healthy.

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I think it's possible to consider that the fat of the animals the Inuits eat hold the nutrients of the plant life in the waters that they fish from due to the food hierarchy. Just as farm animals have the nutrients of corn, soy, grass,(antibiotics) passed to us, all the phytoplankton, etc is also passed on. I am also curious as to their longevity and dementia stats.

posted Feb 25th, 2016 5:56 pm



I think it's possible to consider that the fat of the animals the Inuits eat hold the nutrients of the plant life in the waters that they fish from due to the food hierarchy. Just as farm animals have the nutrients of corn, soy, grass,(antibiotics) passed to us, all the phytoplankton, etc is also passed on.

posted Feb 25th, 2016 5:55 pm



Although some good accurate info should be pointed out that the vitamins get form veggies is obtained by eating most of their meat raw as the heat does not cook them out of the meat and fats. Also ALASKA is NOT part of CANADA and most parts of Canada this diet is not an option.

posted Jan 25th, 2016 5:54 pm


awesome info, really helped me out for an article i have to write about this topic :)

posted Nov 3rd, 2015 7:41 am



Intersting info. I'm not sure though, why it is a con that the inuit diet is not targeted on weight loss. Also not sure why it is automatically a con that the diet does not include much vegetables. If the people following this approach are rarely ill and show great health, it appears that more vegetables are not necessary to attain good health.

posted Nov 7th, 2014 6:38 pm

abdul motin



posted Oct 24th, 2010 10:38 pm


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