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The Hot Latin Diet

The Hot Latin Diet

Get a curvy bombshell body with seven Latin power foods.

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Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Shakira and many other Latin beauties have some of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood. Many Latin immigrants are slim and fit when they arrive in the U.S., but after a few years of feasting on the American diet, they look less and less like J.Lo and more like the average overweight American carrying around extra weight.

In light of this unfortunate but very real trend, Dr. Manny Alvarez created The Latin Diet as a way to help Latin American immigrants lose weight, become healthier and reclaim their sleek physique.

Focusing on the food native to the Latin countries and the cultural beliefs attached to food, Dr. Alvarez highlights seven power Latin foods that are meant to boost metabolism and detoxify the body. In general, the Hot Latin Diet is comprised of eating a lot of fish, vegetables, olive oil, avocados and nuts. It is not a low-fat diet, but rather one that is built on balance and consuming the right kinds of foods to satiate your appetite, lose weight and keep your curves.

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  • Focused on eating plenty of fresh foods, lean proteins and good fats
  • Promotes a culturally-friendly solution to Latin-Americans who struggle with their weight
  • Uses plenty of spices to enhance flavor
  • Power foods have been associated with increasing metabolism
  • Offers an exercise plan
  • Focus is on quick weight loss
  • Recipes have lengthy preparation times
  • Shouldn't rely on just seven power foods to lose weight
  • Lacks information on portion control
  • Recipes include uncommon ingredients

The Hot Latin Diet encourages eating foods and spices that are native to Latin countries in addition to eating in the manner and style of the culture.

Dr. Alvarez encourages dieters to make lunch their main meal of the day, with breakfast and dinner being lighter, but very nutrient-dense. The low glycemic diet focuses on eating healthy fats, spices, lean proteins and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that are reflective of the Latin culture.

In addition, seven power foods are introduced to the dieter as a way to speed metabolism, promote satiety and detoxify the body. These foods are:

  • Tomatillos
  • Garbanzo Beans
  • Cilantro
  • Garlic
  • Cinnamon
  • Chile
  • Avocado

A typical day on the Hot Latin Diet may look like this: A spicy frittata for breakfast, tuna nicoise salad for lunch and grill-smoked salmon with chipotle Mayonnaise for dinner. During the day, you might snack on a fruit salad spiced with chili and lime juice and toasted garbanzo beans.

Recipes are given but serving size information is not included.


The Hot Latin Diet provides general exercise guidelines, but it does not include a specific daily workout plan. A mulititude of exercises are given as suggestions such as walking, hiking, and dancing. You are encouraged to engage in physical activity on most days of the week, but the exercise portion of the Hot Latin Diet is not as comprehensive as its food plan.


The Hot Latin Diet is packed with delicious recipes that are healthy and full of flavor. While it has many additional admirable features such as recognizing the importance of cultural specificity when creating a weight loss program, it falls short on a few key components: The Hot Latin Diet lacks a strong exercise program, it does not include serving size guidelines for the meal plan so you really don't know how much to eat in order to lose weight and its recipes, although delicious, take time and planning to prepare and include uncommon items like quail eggs.

If you are Latin American or want to have a body like a salsa dancer, then checking out the Hot Latin Diet might be just the plan for you to lose weight.

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