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The Metabolism Miracle

The Metabolism Miracle

Permanently revamp your metabolism the healthy way.

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The Metabolism Miracle is a new book that offers three easy steps to regain control of your weight permanently. This book by Diane Kress offers insight into our metabolisms and why some people can eat what seems like endless amounts of food without gaining weight. Meanwhile others can do a diet and exercise plan but still have trouble losing weight. Of course most people want to have the type of metabolism that allows easy weight loss so this book offers a solution.

The Metabolism Miracle gives you three simple steps to control carbs and reprogram your metabolism to rid the body of fat. The book opens with an overview of the program and then teaches you how to understand your metabolism before it goes into the changes that are needed. The three steps of The Metabolism Miracle include carb rehab, transitioning into a path of healthy carbs and keeping weight off for a lifetime. The book contains some recipes to help you maintain the right eating habits and information on incorporating exercise.

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  • Teaches your body to crank up the metabolism
  • Encourages healthy eating and exercise
  • Includes recipes
  • Focuses on keeping weight off on a long term basis
  • Helps you understand the unique facets of the metabolism
  • Program only involves three steps
  • Emphasizes healthy carbs instead of forcing you to cut out carbs completely
  • Offers information on how to remain healthy when dining out
  • Received high praise for being a program that works
  • Not a one size fits all approach to metabolism
  • Carb lovers may have difficulty moving to healthy carbs
  • Initial stage involves eliminating carbs for eight weeks

There are three basic steps with regards to eating on The Metabolism Miracle. The first step is known as the basics. This is similar to a spring cleaning for your body. This step lasts eight weeks and involves a low carb period to rest your overworked pancreas and liver while shrinking fat cells. During this period you cut most carbohydrates from your diet. It is important to remember that you are only taking these carbohydrates out temporarily to help your blood sugar run smoothly. The book does warn that the first three days of this stage will be rough. During this time you can eat whenever you are hungry as long as you are consuming normal portion sizes. Some of the foods you will be able to eat include lean protein, vegetables and healthy fats. There is a complete list of approved foods for this stage within the book.

Step two allows you to transition healthy carbs back into your diet. This stage can last eight weeks or longer depending on how much weight you want to lose. You will be reintroducing healthy carbs in the proper amounts to promote fat burning and weight loss. This will help gently restart your pancreas and liver. During this stage you are asked to take body measurements and a weight measurement once per month. You will slowly add low-impact carb foods to the foods you ate in step one. You are carefully instructed on how to reintroduce carbs into your diet and what time of day to eat them. This careful guidance keeps you from adding carbs too rapidly and helps you avoid rapid weight gain. There is no time limit for step two so you can stay on it until you reach your goal weight. In this stage, you limit your net carbs to between 11 and 20 grams per day.

Step three of the program deals with keeping the weight off for a lifetime. This step will open your diet to more carbohydrates while it also helps keep your health and energy levels in shape. You start this stage after you have reached your goal weight. In this stage your daily allotted carbs consists of 30 to 35 percent of your total calories. In addition to these stages, there are some general food rules listed below.

  • Drink 64 ounces of water each day
  • Don’t go more than five hours without a meal or snack
  • Take the recommended daily vitamins and supplements
  • Choose sweeteners carefully; sucralose is recommended
  • Read food labels to determine carbohydrate content
  • Consider drinking green tea daily
  • Increase physical activity to at least 30 minutes five times per week
  • Eat allowed foods liberally, but not excessively
  • Take a few minutes each day to relax
  • Think positive; reflect on your accomplishments each morning

Exercise with The Metabolism Miracle is called the critical link. You are required to work out for 30 minutes each day five times per week. Your goal is to burn fat and maintain muscle. Once you stimulate your muscle, it burns calories for hours after the workout. Without exercise, your brain will be unable to differentiate whether its burning muscle or fat, and you may feel tired and weak even though you are losing weight with the diet alone.


The Metabolism Miracle has helped numerous people lose weight in a safe and healthy way while allowing them to keep it off. This diet stresses that eating in a low carb fashion will help you reset your body, but it is not healthy to eat that way for more than eight weeks. This diet can help reprogram your metabolism to work efficiently and help you alleviate some other health problems you may be dealing with. It is important to notice that this program isn’t just about the diet. Exercise is a key component and you don’t have to do a lot of gym time to see results. Those that want to restart their metabolism and don’t have a problem eating a low carb diet on a temporary basis may find this book very helpful. It could be just the program you’ve been looking for to get you lasting results.

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K Davidson

I have only one beef with the review. You DON"T have to eliminate carbs the first 8 weeks. You're restricted to 5 grams of carbs every 5 hours or longer. It's a heck of a restriction, but they are NOT eliminated.

posted Aug 14th, 2017 7:32 pm

Arnie Muller

I read the book 3 times before I started on the program. Just to fully understand the concept.

posted Jan 25th, 2017 7:31 am

georgia green


on my 3rd week of phase 1 of the mm diet and already i'm seeing changes with in my body. My clothes are loose fitting and I feel good. I must admit that I do experience periods of feeling fatigued every now and than but this seems to disappear after I eat. But for the most part I'm sleeping better and I don't have the back pains that I've had prior to starting the plan! I cant wait to see what the end of my first 8 weeks brings!

posted Jan 20th, 2016 9:32 pm

Carolyn Trasente

This is the first time in my life that a "diet" has worked for me...the roughest part is the first 8 weeks but, from there it is a very easy lifestyle to maintain. I have more energy than I have had in years. If you think you are a metabolism B person you should really give this a try. I committed 100% which actually wasn't hard to do since I was feeling so badly. WOW, my life has changed in 10 weeks. For me, the goal was to get my glucose under control..I was a severe diabetic and, now not only was my glucose blood work in the "normal" range, to date, I have lost 26 lbs and feel so good. The exercise helps me in so many ways mentally, physically and emotionally...thank you Diane Kress...you saved my life.

posted Jul 13th, 2015 8:03 pm



I lost nearly 40 lbs on this diet and I felt amazing the whole time. Like all diets it isn't for everyone, some people will not respond well to the extreme low carb phase, but when it works it REALLY WORKS. Please remember tho, you have to exercise! Without the exercise you will lose weight but it won't be as quickly and your energy levels will remain low.

posted Jun 25th, 2015 5:48 pm



Today is the first day of trying the M.M. life changed. as I have changed my diet two months ago and have only lost 3lbs and he come and goes. I am going to try this. there is nothing to lose by trying.....:-)

posted Feb 9th, 2015 6:41 pm

Michael Spitzer


As the author of a book that focuses on the fitness goals of people over the age of 35, I refer many people to Metabolism Miracle.

In practice I use my own book in combination with this book as a package of information for what I consider all around fitness (Diet + Resistance Training + Cardio).

In real practice, working with people 40,50 or older it is normal to see 40 lbs lost over 6 months time.
I feel this is the best of the low car diet books our there.

Michael Spitzer - Author
FITNESS at 40,50,60 and BEYOND

posted Feb 1st, 2014 9:27 pm

M. Bon


I have lost weight ( 265# to 180#), clothes sizes ( 24W to 16Ms )and feel great. I have applied this way of living and know I will continue to improve my health. Being diabetic is very important to achieve low fasting glucose levels and I am down to 5.3 HA1C for over 9 months now, reducing medication and feeling healthy all over. Not obsesing about food, satisfied and happy with food choices. Exercise is 2xdaily 15 min walks, nothing could be more natural. I am willingly now doing strength activity by choice not obligation. Easiest most natural program I have done. Love it!

posted Jul 16th, 2013 6:33 pm



I am 44 years old and my daughter is 13 years old. We are in our 8th week on the program and have both lost 20 pounds each and feel great. Goes to show it works for any age and pretty easy to follow.

posted Mar 1st, 2013 12:30 am



2 weeks in... Great energy, no cravings and 9 lbs gone. I am so motivated and excited about my new lifestyle!!!

posted Jan 21st, 2013 11:49 pm

Car Ing


Do you have low energy on the metabolism miracle diet? I'm at the end of the 4th week of Stage 1. I've lost maybe 1.5-2 lbs, but this week I feel wretched. I feel very low on energy: physical activity is draining and a huge effort; I'm also feeling very irritable. I thought after 2 weeks I was supposed to feel great and energetic. Am I doing something wrong? I drink all the water and have the 5x5 carbs I should. What am I missing? I couldn't log onto the miracle-ville.com website due to an endless loop in the main menu. Any suggetions?

posted Jun 30th, 2012 9:16 pm


I've been on part 1 of the MM for two weeks now. I feel so much healthier, and I haven't even had cravings for the junk that I used to eat. I've lost 3#, but I can already see a difference when I look in the mirror, and my clothes are fitting so much better.

posted Jun 2nd, 2012 10:02 pm



I recently downloaded this book to my ipad and it has really hit home. I know there is some debate over the scientific proof behind Met A and Met B. But I do believe I am one of many who does not process carbs very well - it just sticks to me. I got this book as just one more thing to try, in the effort to be healthy. I am 35, weighed 222, 5'6". I have been struggling to get my weight down. I have been proactive with doctors, all my tests have come back perfect, on paper I am a model of health. I run half marathons and am very active, but STILL the weight is stuck to me like glue! I tried vegetarian/vegan and that works for my IBS, not the weight was creeping up!
So here I am into my first week. I have lost 3lbs/4days. The most in years! I am very excited and actually feel pretty good. The plan is surprisingly easy to follow (especially after a vegan diet w all the special foods).

posted May 25th, 2012 7:12 pm



I have been on the diet for 3 weeks now. I have seen great results already. The first week was really hard (not just 3 days). I have found ways to tweak the recipes to make them better. The chocolate brownie muffins - rather then using sour cream use unsweetened soy milk - makes it more like cake and use almond flour rather then soy flour. I am excited for the first time. I am on a diet plan where I can still eat sweets and lose weight!

posted May 14th, 2012 6:08 pm


I have been doing this diet without any cheating whatsoever for 10 days now and I don't notice anything changing, no weight loss, clothes don't fit any better. I even work out 45 min a day 6 days a week (2 of those days with a personal trainer) How many weeks before you see a change?

posted Feb 22nd, 2012 1:16 am


I'm really excited to start with this program. If someone can just let me know what the detox (3 day) plan is. I ordered the book and can't wait. My email I will really appreciate it.

posted Nov 14th, 2011 7:20 pm

Mrs. Gómez

This program is unique in that it not only excludes blatant carbs for a length of time (EIGHT weeks on Step 1) but, in Step 2, it has a way of introducing them and timing of their intake (11-20g per meal, every 5 hours you're awake) that allows you to maintain the inches lost already plus continue losing inches as long as you need to. Step 3 gives you more carbs according to your age and desired size and you continue this for life. You can recover from your screwy metabolism but this is a lifelong program to maintain your health. You are never going to be able to eat like people with normal metabolism. But this program can prevent your body from further damage, ending up with diabetes, heart disease, etc. Instead you can feel better, look better and *be* better --> genuine health!

posted Mar 23rd, 2011 4:39 pm


Getting ready to buy the book ... excited!

posted Feb 1st, 2011 4:37 am

Gina Sheppard


It worked for me!

posted Jan 20th, 2011 5:34 pm



I am so greatful for Diane. After having my gallbladder out, I was really feeling horrible. Everything I ate made me sick, a lot of pain in my side and was gaining a lot of weight for no apparent reason. I always thought I ate pretty decent. Had a lot of tests done and it turned out my liver was not functioning properly and my cholesterol and LDL went through the roof. I heard about the Metabolism Miracle, did a lot of research online and then read the book. I had checked off just about everything that suggested I could be a Met B. My first goal was to see if it would help my liver by giving it a rest, anything else would be a bonus. Well, I am thrilled I made the commitment !!! After only 3 months, I dropped my cholesterol 62 points, LDL by 45, and all my other tests were great as well. My doctor was shocked. Lost weight (not muscle) and a lot of inches, especially around the waist and hips. I will be honest and say that I miss the memory of some of my favorite junk food. Now I crave mashed sweet potato instead of a brownie. I can still have chocolate but rarely eat it. This is a wonderful way of eating that has truly changed my life for the better. And for that Diane, I Thank You !!!!!

posted Jan 14th, 2011 1:17 pm


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