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The Montignac Method

The Montignac Method

The trailblazing weight loss program from the 90s utilizes the glycemic index.

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Michel Montignac is the brains behind the Montignac Method - The first diet that utilized the glycemic index as a standard for weight loss.

The Montignac Method is designed to help people who want to lose weight and keep it off, prevent diabetes and prevent harmful health risks. Instead of limiting the amount of food you eat, the Montignac Method allows a balanced way of eating foods. With this method you aren’t necessarily eating less, but making better choices about the foods you do eat.

The results of the Montignac Method have been proven, and been around for more than 15 years. The foods that you eat on this plan are chosen based on their glycemic index. By eating foods with a lower glycemic index, you are able to lose weight more quickly.

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a system that ranks carbohydrates according to their effect on blood glucose levels. It has been shown that choosing low GI carbs, foods that create small fluctuations in blood glucose and insulin levels, may help to prevent certain diseases like heart disease and diabetes and keep weight off.

The plan is divided into two phases: Phase 1 is the weight loss plan and Phase 2 is the stabilization and maintenance plan.

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  • Quick weight loss results
  • Research proven to be a successful plan
  • Encourages better choices in eating
  • Assigns foods based on their glycemic index
  • Cannot mix fats with carbohydrates
  • Plan may not be suitable for everyone
  • Allows three meals per day with no snacking in between
  • No exercise guidance

The Montignac Method is a low-glycemic diet that focuses on eating satiating foods like vegetables, lean proteins and some whole grains.

During Phase 1, only foods that have a GI index of 35 or lower are allowed. Certain vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini, cauliflower and others in addition to lean proteins like fish, poultry and legumes are allowed during this phase.

Phase 2 includes adding more carbs to your diet in addition to eating those allowed in Phase 1.This phase uses Montignac's glycemic outcome, which is a synthesis between glycemic index and pure carbohydrate content and the blood sugar levels which result from the meals. Under these conditions, we can eat whatever carbohydrate we want, even those with high glycemic indexes.


There are no exercise guidelines.


The Montignac Method is the trailblazer of many low glycemic diets. Divided into two phases, this plan seeks to help you lose weight and maintain it by choosing foods that have a minimal impact on blood glucose and insulin levels. It has been linked to a reduction in heart disease, diabetes and of course weight.

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Just love it! for a french is even better because we grow up eating fat duck and we love to it good stuff!
but the best is that i can eat raw dessert that are compatible with Montignac method.

posted Jul 31st, 2010 4:20 am


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