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The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book

The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book

Manage symptoms of MS with this low-fat eating plan, also known as the Swank Diet.

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Designed to control the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book (also known as The Swank Diet or the Best Bet Diet) was created by Dr. Roy L. Swank in 1948. Unlike many diets that are used to treat health conditions, the Multiple Sclerosis Diet is fairly simple to follow with the only strict requirement being that saturated fat, such as fat found in red meat, processed foods and full-fat dairy, be removed.

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder that affects the myelin sheath of the nerve cells. While there is no cure for MS, life expectancy is the same for those without the disease. Treatments focus on alleviating symptoms and preventing attacks and flare-ups of symptoms. Medications and alternative treatments, like The Multiple Sclerosis Diet, are followed in order to control the symptoms of the disease.

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  • Easy eating plan to follow
  • May help to prevent significant deterioration of condition
  • Recommendation to avoid saturated fat may also help to prevent heart disease and some cancers
  • No statistically significant observations in the difference in the abatement of MS symptoms
  • Lack of double-blind testing has led slow support of diet by the medical community

The Multiple Sclerosis Diet is a low-fat eating style that calls for consuming less than 15 grams of saturated fat and less than 20 grams of unsaturated fat daily. For the first year of the diet, no red meat can be consumed, but following the first year, three ounces can safely be consumed once a week.

In addition, no processed foods containing saturated fat, which are often disguised as hydrogenated oils, can be consumed at all. Since dairy can also be a form of saturated fat, all dairy products must be low-fat or less than one percent fat. An omega-3 fatty acids either in the form of a salmon or a supplement should also be taken every day.


There are no exercise recommendations.


The Multiple Sclerosis Diet is specifically designed to alleviate the symptoms of the autoimmune disorder, MS. While the diet has not yielded statistically significant results in preventing the deterioration of the disease, many MS sufferers use it and have had success with following this low-fat diet.

If you have MS and are interested in learning more about The Multiple Sclerosis Diet, talk to your medical doctor or a registered dietitian.

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