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The Natural Diet Plan

The Natural Diet Plan

A hormone balancing program based on the research of Dr. Jacob Swilling.

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  • Established: 2011
  • Accessibility: eBook
  • Diet Type: Natural foods
  • Gender: Male and female

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The Natural Diet Plan is one that offers you a unique system that will help you lose up to 15 pounds in just 30 days. The Natural Diet Plan is said to help people achieve permanent fat loss and was created based on the breakthrough research of Dr. Jacob Swilling. This plan focuses on the thought that body chemistry and hormonal imbalance are the true causes of being overweight. You can balance out your body chemistry and hormones by eating the proper foods which is what is focused on with the Natural Diet Plan. There are three rules that you follow while on the Natural Diet. Those rules are:

  • Activate your fat burning hormones
  • Turn off your fat storing hormones
  • Boost your metabolism by cleansing your fat burning organs
  • Only requires a onetime fee
  • Program includes a lot of helpful information
  • Based on years of research about hormonal imbalance and weight loss
  • Program is designed for permanent weight loss
  • Not an all or nothing plan
  • Encourages healthy eating that can be continued for a lifetime
  • Money-back guarantee available
  • Must watch a lengthy video to find out any info on the diet
  • No mention of exercise
  • Difficult to find any information about the creators of the program

There are three main hormones that are responsible for burning fat according to the Natural Diet Plan. One of those hormones is called the growth hormone. Foods that will help activate this hormone will help you burn fat around the clock. These foods should be high in zinc and vitamin B12. Some examples of foods containing this growth hormone are lean meats, whole grains, legumes and nuts. Eating simple sugars is discouraged late at night. Some examples of simple sugar foods are pasta, rice, breads, cookies and cakes. The program also suggests your dinner should consist of protein rich foods with lean proteins and lots of vegetables. Avoid processed foods that are loaded with chemicals.

Along with the three hormones responsible for burning fat, there are three hormones responsible for storing fat. Insulin is one such hormone. The Natural Diet Plan suggests that almost all overweight people who can’t lose weight have an insulin imbalance. Insulin is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. If your insulin level gets too high, it triggers your body to store fat. Some of the ways offered to balance insulin levels include eating meals and snacks that include healthy fats and proteins, and eating complex carbohydrates that do not cause spikes of insulin.

Based on this information, and much more that you receive with the plan, you will be able to create meals with the custom meal plan generator. This online tool allows you to create meals based on the types of food you like to eat. You can select from various categories like protein, dairy, nuts, breads, legumes, fruits and vegetables. From the items you select, you can assure that your meal plan never includes items you don’t like. A sample meal plan is reflected below:

  • Breakfast: Cappuccino; muesli, peanut butter
  • Snack: Green beans with cranberries and walnuts
  • Lunch: Salmon with berry relish; pineapple orange frozen yogurt; carrot potato soup
  • Snack: Chocolate pudding
  • Dinner: Lazy lentil vegetable soup; tuna tossed salad

All meals that you click on will take you directly to the recipe along with the nutrition information for that item. There are an additional 700 recipes available that have been specifically designed to balance hormones and detox the organs.


The major focus of the Natural Diet Plan is what you eat so that you can put your hormones back into balance. In fact, the plan touts itself as one that allows you to lose weight without exercising. Although there is no specific guidance on exercise given, adding more movement to your routine will help you see faster weight loss results and improve your health.


The Natural Diet Plan offers readers a lot of information about the body, hormones and how different things we eat can affect our weight. This program is based on the research of Dr. Jacob Swilling and he has over 25 years of experience in these areas. One thing that stands out with this program is that there is no information about the creators of the program. Dr. Swilling is referenced on the web site, but he is not the creator. The information given is based on solid principles of eating natural foods and avoiding processed ones. You will also learn how to use the proper foods to work with your body and aid in weight loss without being forced to buy special meals, pills or shakes.

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