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The Nordic Diet

The Nordic Diet

Incorporate the healthy Scandanavian lifestyle into your life.

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The Nordic Diet is a book written by Trina Hahnemann. The Nordic Diet way of eating actually closely models that of the Mediterranean diet. Many of the foods involved in the Nordic Diet come from northern climates and are healthy while also being environmentally-friendly.

This diet focuses on eating foods that have ingredients that come from local sources and are seasonal. The diet also focuses on having a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Eating meals that are cooked at home rather than out at a restaurant is also part of this traditional way of eating.

Some of the classic foods included are grains, berries, vegetables, fish, poultry but very little meat is actually consumed. Something else that is heavily influenced in this way of eating is the exercise. Those living in northern Europe area also have a connection with nature. Many people walk and swim and use bikes as a primary mode of transportation. They enjoy connecting with the outdoors rather than spending a lot of time watching television or sitting.

This book includes 75 recipes as well as a great understanding of how you can use the Nordic Diet to lose weight and remain healthy.

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  • Includes recipes
  • Similar to the Mediterranean diet
  • Consist of eating foods that are grown locally
  • Encourages the consumption of more vegetables
  • Diet consist of eating more fish
  • Educates reader on lifestyle behaviors of healthy cultures
  • Book is based on northern Europe culture and seems to be unavailable in the US
  • May be difficult for those in the US to apply the diet to their lifestyle
  • Some ingredients or foods may be difficult to find

The Nordic Diet is based upon eating foods that are grown locally and specific to northern Europe. The book includes 75 recipes for ideas and allows you to refine the way you eat to become healthier and include more vegetables. Some of the foods you’ll be eating on the Nordic Diet include grains, berries, fish, poultry, vegetables and game. The diet focuses less on meat and more on the other foods that you eat. The food on this program is similar to the Mediterranean diet. Some of the various recipes that cold be eaten while on this program include:

  • White fish fillets cooked with lemon and olive oil salad
  • Jerusalem artichoke soup
  • Baked cod with cauliflower in mustard cream
  • Beetroot salad
  • Roast potatoes
  • Lemon mousse

The approach of exercise with the Nordic Diet comes as a way of life. Some of the suggestions include walking and swimming. The important thing is to find ways to incorporate activity into other things you do. Those living in northern Europe regularly ride a bike as their primary mode of transportation. This may not be possible for those living in major US cities but there are ways to incorporate more activity into your life. Adding more walking to your daily activities will definitely help you lose weight and get healthier, faster.


Similar in nature to the Mediterranean diet, The Nordic Diet offers a healthy way of eating and exercising that is focused on eating local foods. The Nordic Diet takes eating back to a time before there was a fast food restaurant on every corner.

Meals with the Nordic Diet are cooked at home and eaten around the family table instead of in a rushed environment. Although some of the ingredients included in the recipes may be difficult to find in other parts of the world, it’s likely that substitutions can be made to still receive the desired effects. The Nordic Diet may be a great plan for you.

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