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The Perfect Gene Diet

The Perfect Gene Diet

Use your ApoE gene type to get healthy.

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The Perfect Gene Diet is a book that teaches you how to use your body’s ApoE gene to treat high cholesterol, weight problems, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. This book is written by Pamela McDonald. This book focuses on health being a choice and how the choices you make now will affect your later years. It also explains the ApoE gene and how you can use it to help get and stay healthy. There are various forms of the ApoE genotype, so once you know what yours is you can make the necessary changes that will prolong your health. Good foods and bad foods are covered as well as some sample meals included. The Perfect Gene Diet includes recipes, diet information, exercise information and a lot of info on the ApoE gene.

This book is not just about changing your diet; it’s about making important lifestyle changes that will improve your quality of life for many years to come. Making the proper changes according to The Perfect Gene Diet can help you make a difference in your health even if you feel that certain genetic diseases are inevitable.

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  • Focuses on making lifestyle changes
  • Implemented changes can lower your chances of contracting life altering diseases
  • Includes diet and exercise information
  • Helps avoid contracting disease that may be genetic
  • Offers tips in selecting a doctor
  • Offers plenty of information on the ApoE gene
  • Encourages making lifestyle changes versus quick changes for weight loss
  • Several success stories throughout the book
  • For some the information might be excessive
  • May require seeking out new doctors

Eating with The Perfect Gene Diet includes eating several small meals throughout the day. This book actually breaks down how many calories you should have at each meal so there is no question. Your meals of breakfast lunch and dinner have 400, 500 and 500 calories respectively while all snacks should have 200 calories. For the day, this gives you a 1,500 calorie count. Some tips you will find about what to eat include choose organic whole foods when possible, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, eat a balanced amount of proteins, carbs and fats, eat mindfully and slowly, cut back on excessive caffeine and alcohol, stop eating on the run and choose appropriate food portions.

It is recommended that you drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. The water you drink needs to be as pure as possible though. The general guideline is six to eight glasses of water per day. Including garlic and mushrooms in your diet daily is also recommended.


With The Perfect Gene Diet exercising is just as important as your eating habits. There is no specific rule for what exercises you have to do, you simply need to get moving. Regular exercise is highly recommended no matter what combination of activities you use to get there. Some of the possibilities for exercising are listed below:

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Strength training exercise
  • Flexibility exercise
  • Daily walks

The Perfect Gene Diet offers a researched and very informational approach to losing weight and getting healthy. Your goal with this program is not just to lose weight, but to learn the proper way to eat to stave off diseases in the future. The program involves changing your lifestyle. There is a lot of information within this book, but it is all necessary and helpful for your understanding of the program.

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Do you have to be tested to determine what your ApoE gene is and if so what would the cost be.

posted Jul 31st, 2017 8:20 am



posted Oct 15th, 2011 6:38 pm


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