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The Physique 57 Solution

The Physique 57 Solution

A two week fitness program that leads you toward a lean and beautiful body.

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The Physique 57 Solution is a new book by Tanya Becker and Jennifer Maanavi that reveals a groundbreaking two week plan that will give you a lean and beautiful body. This book works to help you lose up to 10 inches very quickly and is endorsed by several celebrity women including Demi Moore, Lisa Rinna, Denise Richards and Kelly Ripa. Tanya Becker and Jennifer Maanavi are cofounders of Physique 57 including the award winning DVD series by the same name. The Physique 57 Solution offers you a unique and effective workout that combines interval training, isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches. This program works no matter what your current level of fitness is. When you combine the workout technique with the included meal plan, you can see some amazing results in just two weeks. Within The Physique 57 Solution you will find the following:

  • Step-by-step workouts offering major calorie burns
  • Innovative choreography including muscle-defining arm exercises, intense seat and thigh sequences and waist-chiseling ab moves
  • A super-slimming two-week meal plan
  • Plenty of healthy recipes for lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert

Physique 57 is far from a typical aerobics or step class. This workout is totally unique and has a foundation in the Lotte Berk Method. This method was originally designed by Russian ballet dancer Lotte Berk using a ballet barre as a method of rehabilitation. The method delivers a beautiful, long and lean dancer’s body for women. This was even found true for those that had never had any formal dance training.

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  • Delivers a long and lean dancer look
  • See results in just two weeks
  • Program incorporates fitness with a sound nutritional plan
  • One workout can burn up to 650 calories
  • Book includes illustrations of key moves
  • Moves can be done with a sturdy chair if you don’t have access to a barre
  • Program is not focused on making you super skinny
  • Eating plan includes all-natural foods
  • Eating plan can be difficult to adjust to

The Physique 57 Solution eating plan focuses on putting delicious foods into your body that are all-natural and rich in macronutrients. This eating program is great no matter how much weight you want to lose. There are recipes included in the book that help rev up your metabolism while also helping to eliminate water weight, bloating and inflammation. You will be cutting out all foods that might stress your body. This includes anything that is processed, contains preservatives, additives wheat or soy. These things will be replaced with powerhouse foods that have a high nutritional benefit. There are four different steps to The Physique 57 Solution eating plan which include:

  • Step 1: Cut out the junk – avoid all processed foods, corn, wheat, sugar, soy, milk, anything low-fat or sugar-free, artificial sweeteners, iodized salt and alcohol
  • Step 2: Eat macronutrient-rich foods in the proper portions – eat foods like lean protein, free-range eggs, chicken, grass-fed lamb and beef, healthy fish, greens, vegetables, fruits, grains, healthy fats and no more than one serving of dairy each day
  • Step 3: Choose organic and local foods whenever possible – know where your food comes from and stick to those that were grown close to where you live
  • Step 4: Prepare your foods the right way – steaming is recommended over boiling for retaining nutrients in your greens and other vegetables; stir-frying, sautéing, baking and broiling are also acceptable methods for meats and vegetables; use little or no additional fats
  • Step 5: Drink water, water, water – drink half your weight in ounces of water each day, being sure to drink one to two glasses the moment you wake up

In addition to the detailed tips on the types of food you should avoid during the two week program, The Physique 57 Solution provides daily menus and plenty of recipes. There are also tips on eating out so that you can remain on the program when you can’t cook at home. For each week of menus, there is a quick guide for the things you can prepare ahead. Day one of The Physique 57 Solution menu is reflected below:

  • Breakfast: Basic Oats, Chai Tea Latte
  • Lunch: Mediterranean Turkey Lettuce Wrap, ½ cup Basic Quinoa, Kale Chips
  • Snack: Apple with 2 Tbs. almond butter
  • Dinner: Baked Tilapia with Daikon Radish Relish, Simple Steamed Spinach, Baked Sweet Potato
  • Dessert: Banana Smoothie

The Physique 57 Solution workout is not your standard aerobic or stretching workout. This workout burns up to 650 calories per 57 minute workout depending on your current body weight and fitness level. This is significantly more than other forms of exercise like Pilates, spinning, running and swimming. Physique 57’s calorie burn effects are a result of Internal Overload this is when your muscles burn more calories because they are pushed to the point of fatigue. The Physique 57 workout is designed to target and tone every muscle in your body in just 57 minutes. There are six different series within the workout including warm-up, thighs, seat, abs, back and cool down. You stretch between each section to release and lengthen the muscles you’ve been working. This also gives your body a chance to recharge so that you can start the next section strong. The warm-up is typically eight minutes long with 15 minutes devoted to thighs, 14 minutes each spent on seat and abs and then three minutes each given to the back and cool down.

Some of the equipment you will need for your workout includes a chair or sturdy piece of furniture, a two to three inch thick cushion, a playground ball and some free weights. The promise is that if you complete the workouts five times per week and follow the meal plan you will get the results you want. There are two different workouts available in the book along with a guide showing you which days to do the workouts.


The Physique 57 Solution offers everything you need to lose weight and sculpt the long, lean body of a dancer. The book and its methods are based on the popular and successful Physique 57 workouts that have helped numerous women get the body they want. Although the meal plan may be restrictive, it offers a healthy guide that you might choose to stick with beyond the two weeks of the program. Offering results in such a short time period is a great way for women to decide if the Physique 57 workout is right for them while keeping things healthy and safe.

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