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The Small Change Diet

The Small Change Diet

Making 10 small changes can lead to big weight loss results.

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The Small Change Diet is a book written by registered dietician Keri Gans that offers you 10 steps to a thinner and healthier you. These small changes involve no deprivation and no struggles. This is the only diet plan that you will ever need. You can achieve healthy weight loss by simply making some small adjustments. These 10 changes will give you immediate weight loss results, but the changes are so small, you can maintain them for a lifetime. The changes are as follows:

  • Create a healthy eating schedule
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Cut empty beverage calories
  • Increase fiver intake
  • Reduce the undercover calories of dressings and sauces
  • Eat leaner meats
  • Find the right fats and lose the bad fats
  • Curb sugar and salt cravings
  • Stay healthy in social situations
  • Exercise

By following these ten simple steps you will be able to get on the fast track to weight loss and being healthy. Each step is broken into its own chapter for more elaborate information.

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  • Small changes that are easy to implement
  • Involves just 10 simple steps
  • Offers manageable solutions for weight loss
  • Changes can be maintained for a lifetime
  • Written by a registered dietician
  • Encourages eating every three to four hours
  • Encourages getting at least seven hours of sleep
  • None to speak of

The Small Change Diet is all about making small changes that you can implement slowly and they will make a big difference. You are encouraged to eat several times throughout the day so that you do not get too hungry and can keep your metabolism functioning. Eating breakfast is highly encouraged as a way to keep you from consuming more calories later on. Eating breakfast also kick starts your metabolism for the day. You should never skip meals because they provide fuel for the body. There are tips and suggestions for each meal including snacks. Some of the major changes you want to make include building your meals around fruits and vegetables and trimming your meats of extra fat. This will help you get more fiber and not waste calories. Along with following the 10 steps, there are some small change tips that will help you along the way.


There is an entire chapter and step devoted to exercise in The Small Change Diet. You are encouraged to be active five days per week. You should have fun and find something that you will enjoy. Start out slow if you haven’t been exercising. Some of the things you can do to stick with your exercise are make an appointment, lay out your workout clothes the night before, make sure you’re doing the right amount of exercise, and start slow. Even though you’re starting slow you should move daily. You can engage in resistance training as well as cardio workouts. Walking is recommended as a good starting form of exercise for beginners.


The Small Change Diet shows you that every little thing you do can make a difference to help you lose weight. Following the 10 steps in this book will get you results quickly and you will be able to maintain the changes you make. These rules will lead to a reduction in calories overall and an increase in exercise which will help you lose weight in a safe way.

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