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The Smarter Science of Slim

The Smarter Science of Slim

Jonathan Bailor's intensive nutrition study offers information for real, lasting weight loss.

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"Eat More, Exercise Less." This is the concept of author, Jonathan Bailor. His book is the result of a decade of collaborating with top doctors and researchers to determine truth about diet, exercise, and weight loss. Bailor has taken scientific jargon and broken it down to provide an easy to read book that breaks down long believed myths about health and weight. The book points to how eating more of real healthy food will leave no room or desire for calorie dense and nutrient deficient foods, the ones that make us fat and unhealthy. Also, Bailor's work points to how our previous notions of working out to burn off the unhealthy calories have not been effective. The research Bailor has highlighted leaves the reader with the notion that marketing and lies have lead us down an unhealthy path. True weight loss and health comes from eating more nutrient rich foods and doing less calorie burning exercise.

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  • Scientific research broken down in a very easy-to-read way
  • The book is not a strict diet manual
  • The contents are backed and supported by many respected doctors and scientists
  • Helpful diagrams to explain concepts
  • Simple steps to begin a smarter diet and exercise plan -Book speaks to both make and females
  • Not a diet
  • Very technical scientific concepts covered in many chapters
  • Lots of new scientific vocabulary to learn throughout book

The Smarter Science of Slim does not endorse a diet per se. The book highlights scientifically backed evidence about the foods we do eat and they're effects on our bodies. The book endorses a better way to eat and what foods are considered better based off research. The research points out how dry, low fiber, and protein poor starches and sweets are wrecking our metabolism and weight. Instead the research explains how if one would fill up on satisfying, unaggressive, nutritious, and inefficient food—water, fiber, and protein rich non-starchy vegetables, nutrient dense proteins, and whole food natural fats that we'd be too full for the low nutrient foods. The book does give guidelines to begin healthier eating, but not strict instructions on how to follow a diet.


The scientifically backed concept regarding exercise in this book says to exercise less, but smarter. The idea of exercise is not to burn off the bad calories you've consumed, but to make your body healthier. The book contains several instructions on smarter exercising that is most effective when coupled with smarter eating. Much of the exercise is based around smart resistance training and light cardio.


The Smarter Science if Slim is primarily focused on the quality of your eating and exercise, not quantity. The book is loaded with science based reasoning for all the claims and is a very intriguing read. The book make many good points regrading our current state of dieting and the market the get wealthy from many people's failures. The author has evaluated over 10,000 pages of academic research to come to his written conclusions found in the book. The book seems very insightful and a great concept for all, not just the overweight.

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