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Tracey Mallett's Fuse Dance Cardio Melt

Tracey Mallett's Fuse Dance Cardio Melt

Tracey Mallett's Fuse Dance Cardio Melt is a new addition to her at-home workout DVD collection.

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Tracey Mallett is one of today’s top fitness experts as well as a spokesperson for lifestyle and motivation. Her collection of at-home workout DVDs has the new addition Fuse Dance Cardio Melt.

Cardio Melt is made for anyone with or without dance experience and is made up of two 30 minute workout sessions that are both divided into circuits. One is designed to burn off fat with cardio while the other is designed to tone the body. It’s a total body workout that not only incorporates cardio but also simple weight lifting in order to strengthen your muscles and add shape to your body. Required equipment includes 3-5 lb weights and a yoga mat. In order to get the most out of your workout, make sure to use lots of attitude and have fun with it.

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  • Improves back strength
  • Tones triceps
  • Increases balance
  • Strengthens oblique muscles
  • Offers an example for modified simpler movements
  • Incorporates fun salsa dancing
  • Easy to master fitness moves
  • Was created and is demonstrated by a recognized fitness expert, Tracey Mallett, who has certifications in AFAA, NASN and BASI
  • Many exercises involve standing on one leg and be of a more advanced level
  • For those looking for a quick workout, 60 minutes may be too long

There are no diet recommendations given in this workout DVD.


Each section of this DVD is 30 minutes long. The first part is called “Slender Body Burn” and is all about the cardio. Tracey starts off slow so you can catch onto the moves easily, but in order to keep your heart pumping and burn off the fat, this section’s pace will increase and exercises will be constantly moving without rest, flowing right from one to the next in a circuit format. You’ll experience lunges, salsa dancing, and other motions that will cause you to do lots of reaching and stretching to make sure every muscle is working.

The second half of the workout is called “Total Toned Body” and is also 30 minutes long. You will need 3-5 lb weights, and both standing and sitting exercises will be used. The weights will be used for exercises such as flys to work the upper back and figure 8s to work the triceps. You’ll also be balancing on one leg (quite a bit) to work the lower body while using the weights to work your upper body at the same time. When using the yoga mats, you’ll use the weights for varieties of crunches focused to strengthen your oblique muscles.


Fuse Dance Cardio Melt by Tracey Mullet is a great option for a total body workout outside of the gym. The two different sections are divided by cardio and toning so you can choose to either do one quick and pain free session or both to get the full on effect. This at-home workout DVD is made for anyone and everyone with or without dance experience in a circuit format. It offers a modified simpler example for certain exercises that may be considered more advanced. You’ll have so much fun, you won’t even realize all the calories you’ll be burning!

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