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Manage your weight loss goals conveniently online.

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It's no secret that having a solid support system in place can be a key to lasting weight loss. Friends and family are ideal for the emotional support, but what about providing you with guidance and keeping track of your progress? That's where Traineo comes in. The Web has made it easier than ever to manage your diet or healthy lifestyle plan, and with Traineo, you'll find the motivation to reach those goals, too.

Traineo combines both smart technology and health and fitness experts to create a savvy community where people are able to regain their health and lives.

The Traineo community is free to join, and the registration is a simple, no-nonsense process. Once you log-in, you're taken to your personal profile page where you can create the weight loss goal you're working toward and the date at which you plan to achieve it. Each time you log-in you'll enter activity and exercise, total calories consumed and your current weight. Then, Traineo will display a chart and graph that shows how you are progressing toward your goal, reminding you how much time remains until your goal date.

If that isn't enough to serve as constant motivation and accountability, then participate in one of the many community groups where you can interact with dieters just like yourself. Whether you're a college student, Biggest Loser fan, follow Weight Watchers, workout with the Wii, have diabetes or want to join a beer belly challenge, there really is something for everyone.

Finally, upload a current picture of yourself to your Traineo profile and as you lose weight, update more recent photos to remind yourself how far you've come!

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  • No fee to join Traineo
  • Simple tool to manage weight loss
  • Track activity and calorie intake
  • Graphically see progress
  • Community groups and forums allow users to find support
  • Holds individuals accountable to reach their goals
  • Update your weight conveniently and discreetly via Twitter
  • Blog keeps users abreast of constant software updates
  • Activity log shows calories burned
  • Food log does not provide calorie counts or nutrition facts
  • Expert support provided for a fee

For anyone ready to get fit and lose weight, Traineo is a great tool. The interface makes it easy to log the calories consumed each day, as well as rate your diet each day. Over time, you'll graphically be able to see how you're progressing toward your goal.

If you're looking for more guidance, then you can opt-in to the paid service from Traineo. You'll have access to certified nutrition and fitness professionals who will work with you to design a weight loss plan they guarantee will help you reach your goal in six months. They'll take a thorough look at your lifestyle, the goals you've set for yourself, your schedule, and even what the role your genetics play, and the design a plan for you to follow at home.


As part of the free Traineo community, you'll be able to use the activity log in your profile. You can select from an exhaustive list of more than 70 fitness and exercise activities like aerobics, capoeira, elliptical, home repairs, kettlebells, running, soccer, tennis, yoga and the Wii. Then, identify the length of time spent and the intensity and Traineo will calculate the total calories burned. You've already told Traineo your gender, age, height and weight, so it's able to calculate the calorie burned for your person.

Similar to the diet, you can opt for the pay service from Traineo to create a workout plan that is most ideal for reaching your personal goal. Each week Traineo's expert trainers will provide you with an interactive video workout that you can play on an iPhone, iPod or other mobile device.


As technology continues to grow on the Web there are more and more places where people can go to manage their weight loss. But few do it the way Traineo has, in an interactive environment fueled by experts in both fitness and technology.

Traineo is constantly working to make more innovations to its already impressive service, making it even easier for you to manage your weight loss goals conveniently in one place. In fact, with its recent Twitter updates addition, they've made Traineo work even more closely with your on-the-go life.

By providing access to experts in the fitness and nutrition fields, Traineo gives its members a chance to create a custom plan for a competitive fee, and even guarantees the results you'll see.

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traineo has saved my live and enabled me to turn my life around

posted Jul 22nd, 2009 2:48 am


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