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A tricked-out bike-scooter hybrid for fitness and fun.

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Trikke Tech is a company that manufactures and distributes sports equipment and recreational vehicles based on its patented 3CV cambering suspension technology. Perfect for sports enthusiasts, health devotees, families and anyone who loves the speed, fluidity and grace in their sport, Trikke offers a line of carving vehicles that are either powered by human or electric energy and can be used on dry land or in the snow.

Trikke vehicles are low-impact and are similar to the movement of an elliptical machine. Each vehicle rides on three wheels and features unique suspension technology. You hold onto two handlebars as you carve in and out of lanes and roads at up to 15 mph.

Trikke vehicles can be used as part of a fun, low-impact fitness routine.

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  • Fun to use
  • Unique form of recreational exercise
  • Encourages exercise for all ability and age levels
  • Low-impact
  • Risk of energy
  • Must have access to the outdoors to use
  • Does not increase muscle strength
  • Does not provide a cardiovascular workout

There are no dietary guidelines for using the Trikke Tech products.


Trikke Tech products come in three basic varieties: Human-powered, electric-powered and Skki, a carving vehicle used in the snow.

Based upon your ability and comfort levels, choose amongst the three different styles. Each carving Trikke vehicle enhances balance, control and stability as you steer along your route holding on to a set of handle bars. Similar to the movement of an elliptical machine, the Trikke products don't give you a complete total body workout but they do improve your coordination and agility.


Trikke Tech carving vehicles are a cross between a bike and scooter that promise fun and fitness for sports enthusiasts and anyone looking for a different and fun way to cruise around. Created with a unique suspension technology, Trikke's are low-impact and feature a three-wheeled platform.

The Trikke website can assist you with selecting the appropriate vehicle to meet your own recreational needs.

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I liked parts of your review, but disagree with 2 parts:

"Does not provide a cardiovascular workout" is wrong. To check this out, I used a heartrate monitor and found my heart-rate to be a great cardio workout.

"Risk of energy"- any exercise has a risk... I could be walking on a treadmill and stop and get thrown off, or outside I can step in a hole and twist an ankle. I can honestly say I have less chance of an injury on a Trikke than on a bike or rollerblading.

posted Aug 6th, 2013 4:07 am

bob mandy


Your 'Cons' are not accurate:

-Risk of 'energy'? you mean 'injury' - as with all wheeled vehicles wear a helmet.

-It does increase muscle strength, almost every muscle group in fact.

-It is very much a cardiovascular workout, it uses more than swimming.

Just riding 5 miles a day, I lost 2 belt sizes in months.

posted May 3rd, 2013 11:00 am


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