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Vegan for Life

Vegan for Life

Find out everything you need to know about getting fit on a plant-based diet.

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More and more people are embracing eating a vegan diet for both health and personal reasons. Along with the popularity, there are more and more books and guides becoming available. One new book focusing on a vegan diet is Vegan for Life. This book written by Jack Norris and Virginia Messina gives you everything you need to know to be healthy and fit on a plant-based diet. Vegan for Life can be a great tool for those that want to start on a vegan diet, but are unsure of how to get things going. This book will teach you how to get the proper nutrients from a plant-based diet. Norris and Messina are both registered dieticians and they cover some of the myths that surround a vegan diet and nutrition. You can follow a vegan diet and still get enough calcium and protein. There is also information on supplements and being vegan while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Do You Know the Best Diets of 2023?

  • Offers a simple guide for becoming vegan
  • Gives information on proper supplementation
  • Covers a vegan diet for everyone from kids to seniors
  • Highlights how to manage weight, heart disease and diabetes through a plant-based diet
  • Only describes the animal conditions of some farms; ignores the fact that some farms raise animals humanely
  • Presents only one point of view when it comes to consuming meat or other animal products or food

Vegan for Life focuses on the information you will need to start a vegan lifestyle. Throughout this book you will learn what nutrients your body needs to remain fueled and healthy, what types of fat are best, how to get protein from a plant-based diet and several other helpful points. There are chapters dealing with being vegan at every stage of life from pregnancy to those over 50. There is a food guide included so that you can learn and know the different vegan food groups. There are charts that tell you how many servings of each food group you will need each day for optimal health. There is also a complete list of the vitamins you will need each day. The food groups included in the book are:

  • Whole Grains and Starchy Vegetables
  • Legumes and Soyfoods
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Fats

Vegan for Life also includes some tips on stocking your pantry with some vegan basics. Also included are basic staples you will need for your refrigerator and freezer. There are some recipes included that you can sample like:

  • Beans with Mushrooms
  • Mexican—Style Beans
  • Mediterranean Beans
  • Barbecued Beans
  • Sloppy Joes
  • Bean and Potato Soup
  • Bean and Grain Soup
  • Beans with Apples and Sausage

There is no exercise guidance included with Vegan for Life.


If you are considering switching to a vegan diet or have already don’t that and want some guidance, Vegan for Life can offer you some helpful information. Those that might want to eat vegan occasionally may find this book fairly one-sided, but it does give some valuable information. There are recipes included that can help you get started and the healthy benefits of a vegan diet are also highlighted.

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