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What's Your Diet Type

What's Your Diet Type

Discover the perfect diet for your personality.

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Ever wonder why a certain eating plan worked for your best friend but not for you? In the book What's Your Diet Type, registered dietitian Heather Jones uses breakthrough personality research and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to identify your best diet approach.

Here's how it works: You take a personality quiz and based upon your results, you fall into one of four diet categories: The Diet Planner, The Diet Thinker, The Diet Feeler or The Diet Player.

Here's a brief synopsis of each:

  • The Diet Planner needs and thrives on routine and eats to alleviate stress when a curve-ball gets tossed into their schedule.
  • The Diet Feeler is on a quest for personal growth and is in-tune with others. Food is a source of comfort when feelings of sadness or loneliness kick in.
  • The Diet Player rebels against authority and lives in the moment. Birthdays, parties and other social events are all opportunities for over-indulging.
  • The Diet Thinker needs all the facts and stats before eating anything. But with their intellect they often twist their poor eating habits into thinking they are justifiable.

One chapter is dedicated to discussing each of the four personality types. A description of key characteristics, trouble zones, and strategies and tips for how to overcome your dieting vulnerabilities are provided. In addition, a specific diet plan is outlined for each diet personality type.

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  • Based upon standardized personality tests
  • Creates awareness of how our personalities affect our food choices and health
  • Offers a solution to the one-size-fits-all approach to dieting
  • Targeted only to women
  • Psychological focus may not be appealing

Based upon your diet personality type, a specific diet plan is laid out complete with an action plan for how to work with your key personality characteristics. Each plan comes with three phases that you complete in a gradual process.

The Diet Planner is encouraged to develop an eating plan that focuses on planning out meals and snacks, scheduling exercise time and back-up exercise solutions, processing their progress through writing and planning goals, and rewards.

The Diet Player is encouraged to plan short-term goals, fill their closet and pantry with an array of healthy foods, indulge in small amounts of food that they love and experiment with new foods, new restaurants and new exercise forms.

The Diet Feelers are encouraged to create a support system, develop non-food rewards, attend weight loss support groups, journal about their progress and focus on the future.

The Diet Thinkers are encouraged to devise their own approach to weight loss, compete with themselves to reach their goal, study diet theories and health data and create long-term and objective goals.


Each diet personality type includes tips and suggestions for how to make exercise a priority, enjoyable and a long-term healthy lifestyle habit.


What's Your Diet Type is an eye-opening and fascinating journey into how our personality affects your eating habits. Based upon leading personality questionnaires, What's Your Diet Type helps you discover how to work with your personality strengths not against them in order to meet weight loss goals.

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Lori Brennan


This book not only is informative, it is fun. Learnig about what diet and exercise plan best fits my personality has really been eye opening experience. Changing my eating and exercising habits have never been this easy!

posted Aug 21st, 2009 2:23 pm


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