Beyonce and McConaughey are Vegan Until 6pm: The VB6 Plan Lets You Ease into Veganism


By Shae Blevins

The New Year is upon us and we’re sure that you’re ready to start the new diet and exercise plan you’ve been talking about since eating your fill (and then some) at Thanksgiving dinner.

A variety of celeb-backed options outrank more traditional approaches. The Paleo diet marks Jessica Biel amongst its followers. The “eating a spoonful of clay” diet favored by Shailene Woodley, of “The Fault in Our Stars.” And Zooey Deschanel, who has given up gluten.

There is also the super fit Matthew McConaughey, the ultra-fabulous Dita Von Teese, and The Queen and King — Beyonce and Jay Z — the sexy A-listers who have gone vegan by way of Mark Bittman’s VB6.

Vegan Before 6:00 is the rule they eat and live by, and this particular brand of veganism is swelling in popularity as fast as alternative ancient grain flours.

The VB6 diet encourages people to eat animal-free with fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes all before 6 p.m. But after six, all resolutions are void. Eat cheese, drink cow’s milk, have a slab of meat, and all the sugary, simple carbs you can consume. If you want.

See, it’s not Bittman’s intent for you to over splurge and indulge once the witching hour hits. His intent is for people to consume more healthful foods, if not a mostly vegan diet. He wrote the outline, it’s up to you to strike the balance. Vegans who can’t live without bacon? This is the way for you.

From the looks of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People, like McConaughey and Beyoncé, a mostly vegan diet isn’t a bad way to start the New Year. Or to live your life.

Veganism often tops the list of resolutions people attempt in the new year. It’s one of the hardest dietary changes a person can make, and not one that should be done on a dime, in an instant, or cold (meatless) turkey. With VB6, you can ease in to the lifestyle, even experiment with how it may fit your lifestyle.

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