Diet and Fitness Celebrities Share Their 2022 Resolutions

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Devin Alexander –, Biggest Loser Cookbook author

“Years ago, I switched from Resolutions to Dreams! Sometime just before the new year, I always write my dreams for the year then I commit to reading them every morning all year…and I have for years (they’re on my blackberry). I like “dreams” more than “resolutions” because they never make you feel bad (if you “blow” a resolution, you’re more likely to beat yourself up or just quit). With dreams, if you set them and read them every morning, I’ve found that it keeps your focus. So if your dream is to weigh 125 pounds and you read that every morning, it reminds you to take actions.”

“When I gave up dieting, I lost weight. When I gave up resolutions, my dreams started coming true….hhm.”

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