Beyonce’s New Vegan Diet Can be Delivered to Your Door. But is it Worth It?


Beyonce, the entrepreneur, has started another business, this time with her trainer, Marco Borges. Together they have launched a vegan meal delivery service called “22 Days Nutrition.” The name comes from the common myth that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Last winter, under Borges’ direction, Beyonce and Jay-Z became vegan for 22 days and they loved it (although they don’t seem to be vegan now). Borges is the author of a soon to be released diet book titled, “The 22 Day Revolution.”

Their website describes the meals as fresh, wholesome, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, as well as 100% organic and GMO-free. That’s a lot of buzz words and diet restrictions. The soy-free part is odd because vegans classically eat soybeans in the form of tofu, seitan, veggie burgers, meat analogues, and edamame.

A week’s worth of meals is delivered via a cooler placed at your front door. You just unpack, load the fridge, reheat, and eat. And pay the bill. At one meal-a-day, a one week supply costs $103.45, two meals-a-day goes for $153.46, and three meals for $194.04, all with a $19.95 shipping fee. Multiply that expense by three for a 21 day supply.

Vegan diets are always risky because they remove essential foods. That’s why I recommend the one- or two-meals-a-day plan, but not the three. Unless one is willing to commit to a diet full of beans, pulses (lentils and split peas), grains and vegetables, the Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian Diet (plants and eggs and dairy) is a much safer way to eat more plants while avoiding food with a face.

Deficiencies of protein, vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin D, and zinc can occur with poorly planned vegan diets. All vegans need a vitamin B12 supplement because that nutrient is only found in animal foods and deficiency leads to anemia and neurological problems. Protein is always an issue for vegans because, unless plant proteins are well-chosen and eaten in adequate amounts, they do not provide all the amino acids the body needs. Protein makes up every cell — blood, muscles, organs, skin, hair, bones, antibodies to fight infections, hormones with their profound effects, and many more. Without enough quality protein, we become sick, tired and weak, bones thin, hair falls out, and fertility is compromised.

Another thing: there is no magic number of days it takes to create a habit. Habit change relies on constant work to shape the environment, renew our commitment, and take credit for our accomplishments. That’s why the process should be approached with joy, which is what Beyonce is trying to do.

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