Ellen DeGeneres Gives Up Sugar

ellen degeneresFrom Gwyneth Paltrow’s liquid fast detox to Oprah’s 21-day cleanse, when celebrities go public about their eating adventures, we listen.

Just this past week, Ellen DeGeneres announced that she was giving up sugar for the rest of her 2022 viewing season.

“Sugar is an artificial high,” commented DeGeneres.

Her decision to nix the white and brown stuff is to have more energy. The funny talk show host has also taken on the role as an American Idol judge in addition to her daily program, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

From Twitter to videos and from updates on her show, Ellen is documenting her sugar-free journey every day.

She’s encouraging anyone who wants to join her to hop on board, so that as she jokingly put it, “we can all suffer together.”

For her challenge, Ellen has not sworn off everything sweet just anything made from processed sugar. Fruit and natural sugars, like agave nectar and honey, are allowed. But anything that contains granulated sugar like a flavored coffee drink, a glass of wine or a pack of Skittles is off limits.

Ellen has also adopted a daily practice of yoga, Pilates or a cardio workout and she is also drinking tons of water. According to her video updates, day three into her sugar-free journey and the comedian is feeling terrific, aside from one sleepless night.

No stranger to following a disciplined diet, in 2022, she and her wife, actress Portia de Rossi, decided to follow a vegan diet as a reflection of their love of animals. They are joined by other celebrities like Alicia Silverstone who eschew meat and dairy in favor of a plant-based, milk-free and egg-free style of eating.

If you are interested in following an organized no sugar diet, check out other sugar-free diets like Sugar Busters, Dr. Gott’s No Flour, No Sugar Diet, Sugar Buster’s for Kids, and Prevention magazine’s, Sugar Solution.

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