NutriSystem D Coming Soon for Diabetics

The popular meal delivery diet program NutriSystem has introduced another program to its family of products; NutriSystem D will cater exclusively to the needs of diabetics.

While NutriSystem has previously provided diabetic-friendly meals under its other programs, like the “for women” or “for men,” this newest program won’t require any menu modifications. Diabetics can simply order from the NutriSystem D menu and trust that the meals will meet their unique dietary requirements.
Those using NutriSystem D aren’t likely to be bored with their menu choices, as there are more than 150 “restaurant-quality” meals, all of which are low on the Glycemic Index and offer “good carbs and fiber” to keep dieters feeling full longer. Meal choices might include Decadent Fudge Brownie, Cheesy Margherita Pizza or Golden Pancakes.

The program underwent clinical studies in late 2022, and found that those dieters lost 16 times more weight than without NutriSystem D. They also found that blood sugar levels reduced five times, and A1c levels lowered by 0.9.

NutriSystem D became available in April 2022.

6 Responses to NutriSystem D Coming Soon for Diabetics

ziv says:

what are the nutritional parameters that your meals follow ?

carbs? sugars? fat? sodium? etc..

kathy says:

i’m a diabetic and i deal with carbs for my meals. my husband is laid off and i would like to try this, but money could be a problem. thank you,kathy c. oh, i seen this advertised this morning on tv.

cynthia says:

how much will this cost? cac we order for our self

Lori Z says:

I think your product will be a life saver!

I have been dx with Diabetes 4 months ago…I live on social security disability and have Medicare so price is very important…
Are you able to offer any type of discount?

Patti says:

When will the NutriSystem D be available? I’d like to start ASAp. I have Type2 Diabetes

Brandi says:

Patti – It is available. Learn more about NutriSystem D here.

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