Truvia Thai Blueberry Old-Fashioned Cocktail Recipe by Anthony Caporale

I wanted to create a no-added-sugar version of the classic Old Fashioned that would remain as true as possible to the spirit of the original while incorporating modern flavors and drink-making techniques.

My road map while developing this cocktail was to build upon the characteristic spice that rye whiskey brings to a cocktail, so I started with Tuthilltown Spirits™ particularly spicy Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey.

For a non-sugar sweetener, I chose Truvia® natural sweetener because it has a unique vanilla-citrus character that works well with whiskey, and it can easily be made into a flavored syrup to bring down Hudson’s higher alcohol content.

I wanted to keep the rye whiskey forward in the cocktail so I incorporated ginger into the syrup instead of adding it directly to the build, and also included lemon grass to bring out Truvia’s natural mellow citrus notes.

The Bitter End Thai Bitters lent the perfect floral note to the drink as well as just a touch of true heat to enhance the ginger and underpin the perceived heat of the rye.

I chose to shake the drink vigorously, again to reduce the rye’s higher proof, and then add a very small amount of blueberries both as a nod to the use of cherries in some versions of the original and also to smooth out the final flavor profile. The fruit is added at the end so that the pulp is not strained out during service to lend a muddled appearance, and a final garnish of grapefruit oil and zest is added to layer a fresh bitter note over the aged Thai Bitters.


Single Old-Fashioned


For the cocktail:

  • 2 oz. Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey
  • 1/2 oz. Truvia® Ginger-Lemon Grass Syrup
  • 10 drops Bitter End Thai Bitters
  • 3 fresh blueberries
  • Ice

For the Ginger-Lemon Grass Syrup with Truvia® natural sweetener:

  • 1 tbsp. + 2 tsp. Truvia® natural sweetener spoonable (or 8 packets Truvia® natural sweetener)
  • 4 oz. water
  • 10 slices (1-inch diameter) fresh ginger, peeled
  • 5 in. lemon grass stalk, sliced lengthwise and cut into 1-in. lengths


1. In a mixing tin half-filled with ice, add:

  • 2 oz. Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey
  • 1/2 oz. Truvia® Ginger-Lemon Grass Syrup
  • 10 drops Bitter End Thai Bitters

2. Shake until the tin is frosted

3. Strain into a single Old-Fashioned glass over 2 large ice cubes


  • 1-in. by 4-in. strip of zest from a fresh grapefruit
  • Short stir rod or Old-Fashioned spoon

Anthony Caporale has been a professional Bar Instructor and Bar Chef for two decades, and has been involved in the opening of over a dozen major restaurants in roles ranging from Beverage Consultant to General Manager to Owner. Anthony is a Society of Wine Educators Certified Specialist in Spirits (CSS), a ServSafe Alcohol Instructor, a TIPS Trainer for Responsible Alcohol Service, a certified Food Manager, and a member of both the U.S. Bartenders’ Guild and the Guild of Sommeliers. He currently sits on the faculty of the Culinary Management Program at New York City’s award-winning Institute of Culinary Education as well as being a Chef Instructor for their Beverage and Mixology classes, and he is the U.S. Brand Ambassador for Drambuie.

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