Preview Biggest Loser 10 with Alison Sweeney and Mark Koops [Audio Interview]

We’re less than two weeks away from the Biggest Loser 10 premiere. Given all the show has done for so many people and society on the whole, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’ve reached a milestone tenth season. In pre-season interviews, Bob Harper remarked that he always knew the show had legs because of how relatable it is (watch here), and to the contrary Jillian Michaels in her pre-season interview said that she never expected it to last (watch here).

There are a lot of people that are glad that (for once) Jillian was wrong. Two of those people would be host Alison Sweeney and executive producer Mark Koops.

We had a chance to speak with them as they prepare for the premiere. They talk to us about how the “pay it forward” theme will work not only in the first episode, but throughout the season. They also talk to us about the things they are most excited for us to see in the upcoming season, namely the change in structure to the show and a memorable visit to Camp Pendleton.

Listen now and then continue reading to learn more about the upcoming season.

In the premiere episode you’ll see Alison, Jillian and Bob visiting seven cities across the U.S., including Boston, Oklahoma City and LA. It’s part of their theme to “pay it forward” this season, as they invite the community out to a group workout. Amongst the crowds are three people vying for positions on the ranch, two will make it and one will not.

“We wanted to embrace the incredible turn out we get at these casting calls,” says Koops of their reason to get out in to the communities. He goes on to explain that picking and choosing who makes it to the show and who does not is “one of the hardest parts of the job we face.” In fact, Koops says he’s “begged” NBC to schedule additional episodes just so that they could accommodate more people.

Sweeney says that “in some ways we have a cast of a thousand” for BL10, since they’re reaching out and encouraging so many people to join the premiere workouts and helping to better arm the contestants to support their communities when they go home.

The 21 new Biggest Loser contestants will see some adjustments to the format. Koops says they’ve “played with the structure of the show” considering that in its tenth season it’s time to refresh. The weigh-ins will become more competitive, with those falling below the yellow line competing to maintain their position in the house. Koops says you have to be in the top eight to be safe.

Sweeney comments that the challenges this season are “do or die”, and force the contestants to show their commitment to being there. “There are no free rides,” she remarks.

Tune-in to the Biggest Loser 10 premiere September 21 at 8/7cst on NBC. You can follow along as we live tweet on Twitter @dietsinreview and catch season 8’s Shay Sorrells’ exclusive video recap the next day in our Biggest Loser Newsletter.

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