Bernie’s Biggest Loser Episode 4 Recap Part II

Get up-to-speed with Bernie’s recap of Part I.

Due to the presidential debate last night, episode 4 of the Biggest Loser was cut short, however tonight the wonderful folks over at NBC aired the second hour of the show. The second half of the show proved to be worth the wait! In the second part of episode 4, we saw Jillian really get tough and rightfully so, her teams weren’t doing the homework that she was assigning, which on the Biggest Loser is just as bad as sneaking snack cakes in the middle of the night!

We also saw Bob take his team to SUBWAY for a quick bite to eat, which is good because trying to find a place to eat on the go in the “real world” isn’t easy. I love the fact that the show is sharing information with viewers about how to make smart choices when eating out.

At the weigh-in, we saw the orange team Ed and Heba fall below the dreaded yellow line. The orange team was then forced to decide who was going home amongst themselves. In the end, Ed wound up going home leaving Heba to continue on her own.

During his at home follow-up, Ed looked Great! I wish him continued success at home and consider him a real contender for this year’s At-Home prize.

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I missed the first episode but watched the recap before Wednesday’s airing, and got to see Jillian’s freak out. Its got to be so frustrating to commit so much time to something and see people waste a chance millions of others would gladly take.

I want to yell at some of my clients that way, but Im pretty sure they would just leave and never come back 🙂

Kelly Turner

C says:

Man, I really liked orange. It was interesting to hear Alison say that Colleen and Heba were in the same boat now. They may stick together… though the fact that they’re on different teams, and seem to be in different places in their lives right now (age range, etc.) doesn’t seem to match them up.

How AMAZING does Ed look? I am so impressed! It also sounds like Heba is still in the game weeks after Ed left the ranch, since he said something like “when she comes home”, making it sound like she’s stuck around for a few more weeks. Fingers crossed!


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