Biggest Loser Teen Contestants Will Never Step on a Scale, says Host Alison Sweeney

“The trainers expect the kids to change their fitness level in a kid-friendly way,” Alison Sweeney told us about three teens on the new Biggest Loser season. For the first time ever, the cast of 15 contestants is joined by three teens in an effort to highlight the rampant childhood obesity afflicting our youth.

In an interview with DietsInReview, Alison defended that the health and safety of these teens was of utmost importance from day one. “The first thing we considered was their age, the best way to help them, and best guide them,” she said.

To do so, she explains that these teens, two girls and a boy, will never step on the scale, they do not workout in the Biggest Loser gym, and they don’t even live on the ranch.

“These kids aren’t on an island,” she said, contrasting their stay on the ranch to the adults who are completely isolated from outside life. Alison explained that the idea in sending these kids home was for them to “learn to care for themselves in their own environments.” Therefore, not only the kids but the families as a whole are being encouraged to make these healthy changes so that the ultimately support one another in this journey.

To those critics who aren’t sure about having kids on the show, Alison doesn’t understand where it’s coming from when they haven’t even seen a single episode yet. What we will see, she explains, is the trainers challenging the teens to change their fitness level in “a kid-friendly way.” That way, for the young audience that Biggest Loser does attract, the changes will be “relatable and challenge them.”

While we can look forward to seeing a heart-warming dynamic between the trainers and these three young contestants, we can certainly expect to see something amazing between Bob, Dolvett and the returning Jillian.

“It’s super awesome to watch the three of them interact,” commented Alison. While Bob and Dolvett seemed to maintain a fairly distant relationship in season 13, Alison describes a much more cohesive picture for this trio.

“They have a lot of respect for each other and complement each other in an awesome way,” she said.

Now in its fourteenth season, Alison says she knew the show had legs from the start. Noting she was a fan when they approached her to do the show back in season four, she’s been along for the wild ups and downs that it offers contestants, crew, and fans alike. “[We] fall in love with the contestants just like the fans do,” she said.

We look forward to falling in love with these 18 new Biggest Loser contestants on January 6, when the two-night, four-hour season premiere kicks off.

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