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100 Calorie Diet

100 Calorie Diet

Eat the foods you love in 100 calorie servings.

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Forget 100-calorie snack packs, The 100-Calorie Diet ebook is an easy and simple approach to losing weight that allows you to eat meals and snacks in hundred-calorie increments whether you're eating a 100-Calorie Chips Ahoy snack pack or 200 calories worth of French fries.

Written by two sisters who have battled with weight and diets their entire lives, the 100-Calorie Diet does not include a list of forbidden foods or diet pills to pop. Instead, the 100-Calorie Diet was created for people who love and need to eat normal food.

With special attention to portion and calorie control, the 100-Calorie Diet requires that you keep track of what you eat and how much you eat through a food diary, 100-calorie weight charts, 100-calorie exercise and conversion chart, 100-calorie diet tips and a cookbook.

You can what you want, when you want as long as you keep your calories and portions in check with the tools the book provides.

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  • Concept prevents feelings of diet deprivation
  • Encourages portion control
  • Helps you learn the calorie content of foods
  • Promotes healthy eating behaviors
  • Ebook format allows for instant access
  • Teaches you how to regard your body in terms of a mathematical equation of energy in and energy out
  • No foods are forbidden
  • Must be vigilant about what and how much you are eating
  • Sample diet plan is not that much different from other diet plans
  • Promotes consumption of empty-calorie and nutrient-void foods

On the 100-Calorie Diet, women are allowed 1,500 calories a day and men allowed 2,000 calories. The diet does not promote low-fat or low-carb food choices, but it does show you how low-calorie foods can be consumed in much greater amounts and more frequently than higher fat foods. "Free" foods such as low-carb vegetables and other items like soy sauce, salsa, diet soda and pickles can be consumed without limits.

Once you decide on what you want to eat, you check its calorie content and figure out how much of it you can eat. Even though it is called the 100-Calorie Diet, you are consuming foods in 100-calorie units so whether you choose to eat 100 calories worth of tomatoes or 200 calories worth of an iced coffee drink, you are constantly keeping track of how your food choices match up with your overall daily calorie allowance.

A typical day might look like this:

  • Two scrambled eggs and black coffee for breakfast.
  • One apple for a snack.
  • Lunch might be a turkey and vegetable wrap with a diet soda and a 100-calorie pudding for an afternoon snack.
  • Dinner might be grilled chicken breast with lightly seasoned vegetables.

The 100-Calorie Diet also comes with a cookbook which lists the nutrition data next to each recipe.


You are encouraged to engage in a physical activity that you enjoy for 30 minutes each day.


The 100-Calorie Diet is an overall effective concept for losing weight and keeping it off since the guide teaches portion control and heightens your awareness of the calories in all foods.

With a doable exercise plan, tons of calorie-counting resources and tools and a cookbook, the 100-Calorie Diet ebook is the perfect solution for someone who needs flexibility in their diet plan and wants to adopt long-term healthy eating habits.

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I've tried many of these slimming pills. I used them all regularly. Unfortunately did not see the benefit. In the end I applied to a dietician. Dietitian recommended diet program, me applied 7 months. Besides gave diet pill. The program and the diet pills used very regularly. Within 7 months, 28 I lost weight. Was two years. I Still in the same weight. I'm very happy :) The diet pill name, do not for lack of advertising! Please contact me if you want to name. ;)

posted Feb 2nd, 2011 9:23 pm



100 calorie diet is a great way to watch what you eat carefully!

posted Jan 3rd, 2011 1:58 pm


If you want to monitor your portions, you might choose to snack on 100 calorie snacks. (I do!) So I was really happy when I found this list of the Best 100 Calorie Packs so I thought I'd share

posted Apr 5th, 2010 4:07 pm



You can do this for FREE. Go to a calorie counting site. Count all your calories. Don't eat above the reccomended amount. All FREE. I did this and lost 35 lbs!

posted Mar 22nd, 2010 2:52 pm


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