Sweat like a Celebrity: 3 Hot Workout Spots Frequented by Stars

I know I shouldn’t be more inclined to try a workout routine or class or gym based on which celebrities endorse it, but I can’t help myself—I’m attracted to places know my favorite actors and actresses also enjoy. Spin classes are a Hollywood haven for A-list actresses? Sign me up! The High School Musical cast loves Pilates? Awesome—see you on the Reformer! Crunch has a catchy name and I might run into Leonardo DiCaprio?! I. Am. In.

Let’s discuss three of the hottest workout spots for some well-known names and faces, shall we? Maybe I’ll see you there!


1. WundaBar
WundaBar is a Hollywood Pilates studio, and we all know how celebrities love their Pilates. (Well, who doesn’t?) The recently engaged Ashley Tisdale was introduced to WundaBar through Vanessa Hudgens, her High School Musical co-star. (I love when co-stars remain friends, especially through workout routines!) Tisdale reportedly works with a personal trainer most of the time, but also has lessons with WundaBar’s Amy Jordan, the founder of the gym.


soul cycle

2.Soul Cycle
Part indoor cycling, part self-esteem boosting spirituality, part party on a bike, Soul Cycle is both the name of a gym and of a type of cardio workout. Confusing, I know, but when such big stars are admittedly addicted to the workout, how could I ignore it?

Kelly Ripa, Anderson Cooper, and Katie Holmes have all been outspoken fans of Soul Cycle and according to gossip mags it’s hard to take a class in either NYC or LA without seeing at least one star. The workout craze has gotten so popular that the employees of Soul Cycle suggest you book your bike at least a week in advance. Like a fancy restaurant, but healthier for your body and soul!



3. Crunch
In a recent issue of Prevention magazine, Alison Sweeney, star of “Days of Our Lives” and host of “The Biggest Loser”, discussed  her best tips to stay in shape. Promoting her co-star Bob Harper—who trains clients on the show and also leads spin classes at an LA location of Crunch gymSweeney’s first tip was to “team up with a tough trainer.”

Sweeney’s taken Bob’s indoor cycling class and says his usual commentary to her goes a little something like this: “‘Stop being so dramatic! Give me a break! Leave the soap opera acting on the stage!”

Obviously, Sweeney is in good spirits. She is also in great shape, thanks to her trainer friends. Crunch attracts starts outside of the Biggest Loser team too. There are a dozens of other celebrities who have worked out at the Hollywood location: Will Smith trained at Crunch for his Oscar nominated performance as Muhammad Ali. Also spotted: Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, and Drew Barrymore. 


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