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Proaxil is an over the counter prostate health and sexual performance supplement. It is specifically designed to help control the symptoms of enlarged and inflamed prostates, including weak or inconsistent urinary flow, persistent need to urinate, and burning sensations in the urinary tract.

Their advertising claims that it is helpful for improving the quality of life for men with prostate problems by helping them deal with issues like poor sleep, social awkwardness, and the annoyance of having to accommodate frequent trips to the bathroom. They also say that it is helpful for improving sex drive, erectile function, and raising the overall level of users’ sexual enjoyment.

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How Does Proaxil Work?

Proaxil is formulated to shrink the prostate, to help control the symptoms of prostate enlargement, and to help prevent prostate issues in the future. It uses a drug-free blend of natural ingredients that they recommend to men that have prostate issues that are not serious enough to require prescription medication.

Hundreds of millions of men across the globe have or will experience prostate issues in their lifetime. Men may begin experiencing prostate issues as early as their late thirties or early forties, and then by the time men reach 85 it is estimated that 95% of them will have had to deal with some form of prostate problems.

Proaxil is designed specifically to help men deal with the most commonly reported prostate complaint, a condition known as benign prostate hyperplasia (PBH). BPH involves the swelling of the prostate which, although not dangerous in and of itself, can lead to a number of frustrating and embarrassing complications.

When the prostate swells, it constricts the urethra and puts pressure on the bladder, which can begin impact men’s urinary functions. Enlarged prostates can lead to symptoms such as overactive bladder, sudden and insistent need to urinate, and the incomplete emptying of the bladder.

An enlarged or inflamed prostate can also lead to urine becoming trapped inside of the urethra, which can have a number of embarrassing consequences including leakage, irritation and burning, and, in extreme cases, urethra and bladder infections. It may also force men to need to use the restroom again immediately after going, which can be frustrating and humiliating.

The main ingredient in Proaxil is a beta-sitosterol complex, which is one of the more effective non-prescription treatments for the symptoms of BPH. Beta-sitosterols are a type of plant sterol ester that, while not able to shrink the prostate directly, have been shown to be able to improve bladder and urinary functions.

Their blend also includes lycopene, saw palmetto, and pygeum. These are three of the more highly recommended herbs for use in treating prostate issues in men. Saw palmetto in particular has shown enormous usefulness not just with controlling the symptoms of prostate swelling but also with the actual reduction of the size of the prostate.

Their ingredients list also includes muira puama, nettle leaves, and epimedium, three of the more commonly used ingredients in natural male enhancement products. Muira puama is a form of plant that’s found in the rainforests of the Amazon that is often times referred to as “potency wood” due to its effects on male sexual performance. Our experts recommend muira puama strongly as an ingredient for helping improve men’s erectile function and libido, however it is not thought to be effective for improving prostate function.

Nettle leaves, also known as stinging nettle, are popular for use with regulating testosterone function. Testosterone is related to not only libido and erectile function, but also a variety of other sexual benefits such as seminal health and orgasm intensity. Like muira puama, this makes nettle leaves popular for sexual performance products, however they have no known use for prostate health and function.

Epimedium, however, is a much less respected ingredient. It is often marketed under the name horny goat weed and is sold as an aphrodisiac, however this is not an accurate portrayal of its effects.

Epimedium is, for the most part, just a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant and is not thought to affect libido at all. Like most CNS stimulants, epimedium increases the speed of users’ heartbeats, which in turn pumps more blood throughout their body.

This can have a beneficial effect on erectile function, as the more access the body has to blood flow, the easier it is to achieve and maintain maximum rigidity. It is also somewhat hard on the heart and can have potential health consequences in both the short term and the long term. Epimedium is not one of our experts’ recommended ingredients, and in fact they tend to caution against its usage.

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Potential Benefits of Proaxil

Proaxil has quite a few potential benefits for men, including as both a male enhancement aid and as a prostate health supplement. Proaxil can help men reduce the size of inflamed and enlarged prostates and has other ingredients that can also help soothe the other symptoms of BPH.

It uses the ingredients stinging nettle, muira puama, and epimedium, all of which can increase erectile function. Muira puama and stinging nettle have also shown benefits for libido function, and nettle can even help benefit overall testosterone function.

Follow this link to find out how to choose the right prostate health product for your specific needs.

Are There Side Effects of Proaxil?

As with any supplement or medicine, there is always some degree of risk associated with ingesting chemicals that your body is not used to, and especially those side effects involving gastro-intestinal issues are a possibility. There is also the possibility of allergic reaction with some of the chemicals that are included in Proaxil, and users with specific sensitivities should consult with their health care providers about how safe it is for them.

It also uses the ingredient epimedium, which is not considered one of our team of experts’ more recommended male enhancement additives due to some of the side effects that it has been potentially linked to. As a CNS stimulant, it is possible that epimedium will raise users’ heart rate and blood pressure.

In extreme cases this can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and other very serious conditions, some of which have the potential to be fatal. As such, our team of experts try not to recommend any product that uses horny goat weed as a part of their proprietary blend.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Proaxil

Proaxil is available through their own website, as well as through a number of other third-party distributors. It tends to retail for prices similar to these:

  • 1, 60-count bottle of Proaxil capsules: $49.95
  • 2, 60-count bottles of Proaxil capsules: $69.90
  • 4, 60-count bottles of Proaxil capsules: $99.80

This price is somewhat high for products of this nature, especially given that it does not have a particularly effective ingredients blend.

To see which prostate health products have the best reputation for decreasing the symptoms of BPH, just click on this link.

Our Recommendation

Proaxil advertises itself as both a male enhancement product and a prostate health product, however it is not likely to be as successful at either of these functions as a pure male enhancement or pure prostate health supplement would be. It uses quite a few effective ingredients in their blend, however they do not have enough of either for our experts to say that it will be as effective as any of the many products on the market today that are specifically geared to help with these issues.

They use saw palmetto, pygeum, and beat-sitosterols, all of which have demonstrated some usefulness for helping to reduce the symptoms of BPH. Their overall dosage level is low, however, and they are not supported by as many secondary ingredients as they would be in a more effective blend that was just dedicated to the prostate specifically.

There is even less reason to think of Proaxil as a male enhancement product. Nettle is their only effective form of testosterone support and their main erectile aid, epimedium, is not one of our experts’ recommended ingredients. It has a history of causing serious side effects in some of its past users, and the possibility that it could have those effects on our readers prevents our team from suggesting that they try Proaxil.

The male enhancement product that they recommend the highest is called Viritenz, and for prostate support specifically our team suggests Prostatrinex. Both supplements are formulated using all-natural ingredients that have long histories of successful usage in products of this nature.

Prostatrinex has been shown to not only reduce the symptoms of BPH but to also help reduce the size of the prostate itself, improving overall urinary function dramatically. Click here to read testimonials form past users of both Prostatrinex about their experiences with the supplement.

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